Additional Integrations

NewBook offers many options for integrating with Third Party Software to assist you with running your business. We provide integrations for a range of software including: Accounting Software Packages, Online Payment Gateways to Social Media, Google Analytics & Wireless Hotspot Systems.

Not only are these integration options great if you are already using one of the systems listed below, they may open up a vast array of new opportunities for you to fine tune and expand your business practices.

CheckInn Systems

Check Inn Systems are suppliers of automatic Check Inn Kiosks to the hotel, motel, apartments and backpacker sectors. The high security networked keyless door locks are easy to use and implement   

Early Warning Network

The Early Warning Network (EWN) provides location based emergency alerts for severe thunderstorms, hail, bushfires, floods, tropical cyclones, tsunami, heavy rainfall, damaging winds and other threats. EWN monitors and tracks potentially dangerous weather systems and uses the network to alert people directly in the path of an event.

NewBook has integrated with the Early Warning Network (EWN) to provide parks/guests with alerts for an event occurring in the vicinity of your property. 

K-Mac Powerheads

Australian manufacturer of power supply pillars for Caravan Parks and Marinas. For over 50 years, K-Mac Powerheads has been supplying 240V, 16A caravan park powerheads and more recently, three phase and single phase, weatherproof (IP56) outlets suitable for a marina, pontoon or jetty.

See what NewBook can do to take your property to the next level.

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