Billing Management

Keeping track of your accounts and making sure you have charged a customer correctly has never been easier. NewBook allows you to easily correct any mistakes in the room account, and keeps a full auditable history of changes. With NewBook you can easily transfer charges to another guest, company account or travel agent account. 

  • NewBook allows easy one-click invoicing of room charges to a client, company or travel agent account.
  • ​You can also email invoices and statements with well-designed templates.
  • There is a wealth of financial reports available and NewBook can export your revenue and banking to your accounting system.
  • Easily manage a clients account ledger by adjusting the number of days to display making it easy to invoice daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Repeat Billing & Statements

Easy to setup repeat billing for long term guests such as annuals, semi permenants or residents. Let NewBook generate the charges for your residents.

  • Setup repeat billing for days, weeks or months.
  • Match Booking Arrival Date.
  • Match Booking Departure Date.
  • Automatically Prorata.
  • Define the GST Amount so that it changes after 28 days ** If that applies to you.
  • Email Client account statement for any period: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Invoicing, Receipting & Payments

Not only are charges tracked but also payments. Want to know which customers still owe money? It's simply one click away! You can also export your customer's accounts to CSV, allowing you to use other systems such as MS Excel, or an accounting package.

  • Issue invoice to anyone - Guest, Company or Travel Agent.
  • Assign purchase order numbers to Invoices for Travel Agents or Companies to allow easy tracking.
  • Multiple payment types can be defined for the property.
  • Notes can be added to any receipt, invoice or payment in NewBook.
  • Expand invoices on a client account to show the breakdown of the invoice quickly.

Charges, Credits & Refunds

You can manage more than bookings with our property management software. The flexibility of our payment system allows you to add additional charges such as bar items, laundry, meals or any additional add-on purchases, enabling you to offer more to your guests.

  • Create Inventory items that pre-populate all the fields required for adding an additional charge for simple, easy and fast access.
  • Manually adjust descriptions of a charge or credit and the amounts.
  • Define the quantity of the charges being added.
  • Notes can be added to any Charges, Credits or Refunds in NewBook.


Do you have messy accounts? Not sure which charges belong to which payments? Let NewBook automatically reconcile your accounts for you. 

  • NewBook will automatically reconcile client accounts for all payments to charges.
  • Apply Payments against required GL Categories.
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