Booking Information

Knowing how people have found out about you is a great way of determining what works for you. You now have the option to ask customers the question "How did you find us?" at the time of booking over the phone or this question can be required in the online booking form on the website.

All the data will combine to give you some great marketing insight into your guests search habits.

Guest Demographics

Knowing the demographics of your guests is becoming important when it comes to marketing.

  • Track how many bookings come from families, singles, groups, couples etc.
  • Gain insight into your guests with trending data on nationality, age, room preference and much more.
  •  Provide better booking incentives based on the demographics staying at your property.

Sources, Reasons & Methods

Much like demographics you need to be able to track how people are booking, why people are booking, and where they heard about you. Collecting this information means you can target your guests in the future and report your best sources to see where you should spend more or less money on advertising. 

  • Measure your word-of-mouth marketing efforts.
  • Track through Google Analytics where guests are entering your website from.
  • Create better packages or deals based on the Booking reasons.


NewBook allows users to create discounts which can be applied on your own website as well as within NewBook Property Management System.

  • Well placed options to provide discounts to your guests ranging from a flat amount, number  of nights as well as percentage of the final amount.
  • Control the amount/percentage discount offered by giving special privileges.
  • Setup discounts to be code activated only.
  • Setup discounts to have minimum booking length before discount is applied.
  • Apply discount to certain room types only.
  • Set a minimum & maximum dollar amount for the discount.

Membership Program

Manage your membership subscriptions and accounts in one simple to use, yet powerful system. Make each guest feel special!

  • Multiple members can be added to a membership to allow group or family membership packages to be created.
  • Reward your guests with membership points or free upgrades or stays.
  • Guest membership rules and guest history retrieval.
  • Membership renewal allows charges to be added to a guest account automatically and to work out regular payment terms.
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