Analytics & Reporting

NewBook Analytics and reporting allows you to track your potential customers online so that you can target their specific needs and wants. 

Google Analytics

NewBook offers Google Analytics integration with your property management system and website.

Track guests the moment they enter the website - all the way through to making a booking and payment.
Track all of your booking sales through the eCommerce functionality of Google Analytics.


Calumo’s dynamic organisation reporting allows you to adapt the structure of your reporting to guide your business through growth and change.  Calumo comes complete with a set of tools that will ensure that your reporting is in step with the future vision of your tourism property.

Dashboards, KPIs, Reporting, Continuous Forecasting and more
End-user self-service with familiar tools
Cloud or On-Premises


Newbook has integrated with Qlik to allow you to create visualizations and apps that answer your company’s most important questions. Qlik gives businesses the power to create personalized and more visually appealing look for the organization.

See what NewBook can do to take your property to the next level.

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