Lead Management

NewBook CRM gives you a full view of your complete sales leads and their progress from first contact through to closeEach field can be customized to best suit your internal structure in a sample easy to follow layout. Seamlessly automate your day-to-day business activities so you can focus on the tasks that matter most. Use your time to find and aquire new business instead of maintaining existing leads.


Digital Document Signing

Save your business time, money and the environment with a complete paperless solution. Utilize the completely digital contract / document signing feature within the NewBook CRM.

  • Automated Send
  • Create custom contracts/documents
  • View all signed documents
  • Monitor & be notified when a document is signed

Automated Lead Assignment

The NewBook CRM has an inbuilt automated lead distribution system. NewBook offers a range of lead methodologies to ensure that the correct sales person is receiving a lead that is best suited to their skill set. Work with your sales reps to automate assignment based on criteria that matters to them.

Use NewBook CRM to automatically assign your incoming leads based on logic you create in either:

  • Round-Robin Style
  • Territory / Region / State
  • Employee Waiting
  • More Expensive Leads
  • More Custom Options

Automatic Follow Ups

You can now configure automated rules for when Leads/Quotes are added/updated/on a schedule to:

  • Send a notification to a particular staff member
  • Send a notification to the assigned staff member
  • Update a particular detail

See what NewBook can do to take your property to the next level.

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