NewBook has many innovations that are easy to use and will assist you in providing the best customer service possible. Features such as Loyalty programs, Inbound emails and built in surveys will make daily operations easier than ever. 

Cancellation Insurance

Thanks to Chubb Insurance, guests can purchase cancellation insurance via NewBook Online. Guests will be provided with an option to purchase affordable cancellation insurance either immediately via the online booking interface or via email within 24 hours (for telephone or 3rd party OTA bookings). If your guest cancels due to an insured event they can claim their prepaid costs from the insurer rather than contacting your property for a refund. 

Inbound Emails & SMS Inbox

In addition to sending emails and SMS, NewBook is now capable of receiving and storing emails and text messages from guests. YES, that means 2 way communication, making it easier to track and respond. You have the option of configuring a number of email inboxes from within NewBook to correspond with your existing email addresses. Emails and text messages will automatically be assigned to bookings, guests and other areas of the system where possible and can be attached manually from the inbox.

NewBook Drive

Due to popular demand, a centralised place to store all of your files within NewBook is now available. You can now store documents, pictures/ images, agreements/ contracts, drivers licenses/ passports and audio recordings to the following areas of NewBook:

  • Bookings / Booking Groups
  • Lost Property
  • Guests
  • Features Suggestions
  • Contact Templates
  • Travel Agents
  • Incident Reports
  • Staff / Users
  • Support Requests
  • Companies
  • Room / Site Cateories
  • Events
  • Rooms / Sites

On top of this fantastic new addition to NewBook, image access is now up to 5x faster when using this feature, allowing quicker access to your maps, guest profile pictures and even your online booking pages. 

Automated Text Messaging

The interactive SMS feature allows guests to respond to messages from a property the same way they would respond to an SMS from a friend. When an SMS is received it automatically saves into the booking file for the guest, a notification will appear on your NewBook home page to let you know that you have an unread message. Staff are then able to respond to these message directly from NewBook. The interactive SMS has created an opportunity to personalise the guest experience through an array of features.

The main features include sending automated SMS messages to guests prior to check in & out, departure surveys, promotional upgrades, room security codes and instant weather warnings. 

Check Inn Tablets

Save your business time, money and the environment with a complete paperless solution. With our cutting edge Guest Pre-Registration and Paperless Check in Module guests will be able to update and sign registration forms electronically via tablet or mobile.

It's completely brandable and customisable down to which details are requested whilst also providing a signature field for clients to electronically sign the form, the signature being stored in NewBook.

Loyalty Program

The Newbook Loyalty program will allow you to provide your guests with a membership number / card and the ability to track their stays and spend and provide incentives and/or discounts for your valued repeat customers. This great new feature is included in our NewBook Corporate module and utilises our new Centralised Guest Database feature recently released. NewBook tracks & collects points for guests based on a flexible point scheme that you create.

Built in surveys

Built in surveys is a great way to gather information on the operations of accommodation. The survey feature allows you send the guest a specific survey based on their accommodation style, or based on what information you wish to gather. You can set a preferred date and time to send the survey with complete automation. Once the customer has completed the survey the results drop into NewBook. You are then able to run reports, set goals and report on your Net Promoter Score. NewBook survey’s even have a feature which will allow you to send automated responses based on the overall rating given by the guest. You can now also send a 2 way SMS survey to the guest after departure to contribute to your Net Promoter Score automatically.  


This feature will enable you the ability to supply contracts, agreements and registration cards all generated in NewBook to be sent via contact template to any email.

Once delivered your recipient will be able to update and sign the documents electronically via computer, tablet or mobile. You will be providing a signature field for clients to electronically sign the form, the signature being stored in NewBook. The eSignature feature in allows the organization to save time and money printing and filling registration cards.

Rostering & Inductions

Utalising the rostering and Induction function in NewBook will make locating employee information easily assessable. 

The Staff Shifts Chart gives you the ability to drag and drop Shifts. Both the date and rostered member of Staff may be changed from the chart, making tasks such as swapping shifts faster and easier to visualise.

Staff Induction information can be uploaded to NewBook, this feature allows Employees to upload information about their company (Policies & Procedures etc.) for new employees to access and view. Employers can create questionnaires designed to assess and improve employee knowledge. There is also a reporting feature that will give the Employer the ability to analyse the results/statistics of those who have completed the questionnaires.

Dynamic Pricing

NewBook allows you to set Dynamic Pricing based on the in house occupancy level. You can set the base and maximum price and NewBook will automatically generate your tariffs within the parameters you have set. This can be applied to certain tariffs, tariff periods, categories, peak and off peak seasons.

Guest Login Portal

Guests are now provided with the opportunity to log into your online booking page to manage their own reservation. Guests will log in using their surname and email address. When guests log in they are able to view their future and previous bookings, print and email their own receipts, pay their account balance and view the weekly weather forecast.

Guests can also log in online to place new bookings, when using the NewBook Response Design Mode guest details will automatically drop into the system and will be remembered for future bookings. Membership discounts will also automatically be applied to bookings of guests who are members of Big4, Family Parks, Top 10 Holiday Parks and Top Holiday Parks.

Permanent or long term guests can even log in each week and pay their rent, electricity bill and extras through the gateway!



Guests and the public can book activities via your website with or without an accommodation reservation. To make online activity or facility bookings you are required to have the new responsive layout for online bookings page. Activities must be paid for at the time of placing a booking and a confirmation email will be sent to their chosen email address. Activities can be edited to appear as available from NewBook Online, images and descriptions can be added for a guest-friendly display. 

Charters Module

Do you have charters going in and out of your property daily?

With NewBook you are able to directly track all charters though the system! You will know exactly who is on the charter and what time the charter is expected to arrive. Booking your guests onto charters couldn’t be easier, the charter booking will be attached to the guest’s accommodation and all payments will easily be tracked through the reservation. 

Booking from Google Maps

Holiday Letting properties can book accommodation via Google Map on site popup. From your website guests will be able to click on ‘map mode’ this will redirect the guest to Google Maps, a pop up will appear to provide more information. You are able to add images and extra information about your property to create a visualization. 

NewBook Broadcast

NewBook has created a live Broadcast which will allow you to display leader boards internally around your offices to show statistics e.g. Bookings Placed, Leads Converted, Booking Check Ins/Outs, Goals, Net Promoter Score and so much more.

This has proven to increase staff productivity and can also be used to incentivise employees. We have expanded this innovated feature to be available for all clients including NewBook Corporate.

See what NewBook can do to take your property to the next level.

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