Kerio Operator (PABX)

Kerio Operator is a standards-based VoIP system that replaces your traditional PBX. Designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses, it saves you money and administration time while offering your users powerful capabilities.

Phone calls can be imported from the Kerio Operator PABX into NewBook. Phone calls will automatically be charged to guest accounts, then paid off through NewBook.

Act-On (Marketing Software)

Act-On powers modern marketing to drive business. Its broad scope spans outbound and inbound tactics, lead generation and nurturing strategies, and customer lifecycle optimization and advocacy programs.

Using the Act-On platforms, marketers can easily:

  • Manage and optimize all the stages of the customer experience
  • Follow the money by attributing marketing spend to revenue
  • Track each prospect’s activity from initial engagement and conversions to closed sales and repeat sales, and beyond
  • Report on campaigns, from high levels to detailed drilldowns
  • Stay compliant with local anti-spam laws

CALUMO (Business Intelligence)

Calumo is a business intelligence for finance and every day, thousands of Executives, Managers, Analysts and Staff enjoy extended capabilities with CALUMO’s unique and innovative features.

CALUMO provides:

  • World class ETL,
  • Transactional database that is used around the world for data marts and data warehouses,
  • Powerful Enterprise cube technology offering ROLAP, HOLAP and OLAP cube types and
  • In memory tabular technology.

CALUMO’s top capabilities:

  • Dashboards, KPIs, Reporting, Continuous Forecasting and more
  • End-user self-service with familiar tools – taking the pressure off IT and delight your users in the process
  • Cloud or On-Premises


Qlik (Business Intelligence)

Qlik Business Intelligence software pride themselves on doing the more complex analysis that finds the hidden insights typically overlooked by other tools.

Faster, scalable analysis:

  • In-memory processing
  • Columnar data store
  • On-demand aggregations

More exploration, less restrictions:

  • Automatic associative indexing
  • Smart Search
  • True responsive design
  • Open and standard APIs
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