Tariff Management

View tariffs in a grid which shows each category in a row, and each day in a column. This allows you to manage all tariffs for a full page of categories for a week, 2 weeks or a month. This is a great safeguard to double check and make sure that tariffs have been entered correctly by simply just taking a glance.

Tariff Management

  • Customise tariffs for your property. 
  • Create full (rack), best available and qualifying tariffs. 
  • Create seasons for your tariffs, and attach tariffs to promotions and add-ons. 
  • Detail the taxes and fees appropriate for your location so you don’t have to do any additional math after the reservation is made.

Tariff Setup

With a system for creating fully flexible tariffs, in which you may combine factors such as room types, different policies, fees and sales channels, we allow your management to become as simple and effective as it possibly can be. Besides management of base tariffs you may also set restrictions or incentives such as early and last minute bookings, free nights, and create promotional and group codes.

  • The system also allows you to configure the pattern of your tariffs linked to a schedule of events or your occupancy level.
  • Every unit type or unit number can have a different tariff for each season.
  • Each tariff plan (Rack, Booking.com, Wotif, etc) can have different seasons and tariffs.
  • Seasonal tariffs can be established as far into the future as you need.
  • Yield management allows unique tariff plans to be established for groups & companies.
  • Advance deposit method – percentage of total, dollar amount or first night.
  • Select a default minimum number of nights for weekday or weekend reservations.

Dynamic Tariffs

NewBook provides easy to setup Dynamic Tariffs based on occupancy.

  • No need to set occupancy trigger levels.
  • Newbook provides Dynamic Tariffs for Off Peak & Peak periods maximising your sales.
  • Occupancy for the dynamic tariffs can be based off the category, category type or the whole property.
  • Available for your website & 3rd party booking channels ie: Wotif, Lastminute

Tariff Chart

The NewBook override tool enables the creation of derived tariffs from a base tariffs so that it saves time and gets better performance by updating the tariffs in a single operation. Then simply target your tariffs by markets and/or sales channel and in one click you update prices in all online distribution channels where you want to be present, including the booking engine on the hotel's website.

  • A user-friendly interface turns this complex management into something simple and intuitive.
  • The calendar view of tariffs and inventory lets you get an overview of the hotel distribution with the alerts and reporting system that helps you to always be updated.

Specials & Deals

NewBook allows users to create specials for your own website with unique promo codes or inclusions.

  • Create unique specials in conjunction with your standard tariffs.
  • Set discounts for reservations of specific lengths, for example 10% off for a 3 night booking and 15% off for 4 or more nights.
  • Set up specials which are only visible once the required promo code has been entered

Meter Reading Tariffs

Create and manage your metering tariffs such as gas, water & electricity

  • Create different profiles for the different tariffs ie: pensioners or annuals.
  • Create a service fee to be applied to each reading.
  • No need to use a pencil & paper! Simply use your mobile device or tablet, walk around and read all the meters while instantly charging your residents then and there.
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