Reservation System

NewBook, The Reservation System That Is Easy To Use!!

In comparison with other software for hotels, resorts and holiday parks, we pride ourselves on our products easy-to-use interface. You will find yourself spending less time learning our software and training staff; and more time enjoying the benefits of using NewBook.

NewBook is constantly upgrading and innovating to make sure our reservation system is the best available, anywhere. Request a demo today to learn more about what we can do specifically for your property.

NewBook Corporate

Whether you're managing two properties or two hundred, NewBook Corporate is a user friendly multiple property management system that allows you to manage all elements of your properties with ease.

Your properties can be halfway across the country or halfway across the world and NewBook will provide you with the up to date information you require to manage your business. 

Asset Registration

NewBook Asset Management enables effective and comprehensive recording of asset service histories, asset financial information, contract details, warranties and asset components.

This solution allows you to maximise asset performance and make informed decisions, while having comprehensive recording functionality of asset details.

Facility Management

NewBook Facility Maintenance will drastically change the way you manage your facilities.

By reducing costs, removing time consuming paper based systems and improving employees efficiencies, our system will improve just about every aspect of your properties facilities.

Event Management

Catering / Event Management gives you the tools you need to make sure every group's requests are taken care of.  You designate departments from catering to valet to sales to housekeeping and print the information each department needs to keep everything on track.

Fully integrated NewBook PMS, Catering / Event Management provides seamless and effortless management of your facility's conference rooms, events, and group functions. Each step is easy and effortless.

Email Marketing

NewBook provides a built in  powerful, unique and simple solution supplying a Do-it-yourself (DIY) email marketing solution. 

It provides you with hands-on management of your email marketing campaigns. You can create, send and track your first email marketing campaign in just 5 minutes!

Human Resources

NewBook is currently developing a complete cloud based Human Resources solution covering a wide spectrum of features. NewBook HR is aiming to be a fully integrated cloud-based HR management tool that engages your team with on boarding performance assessment, training, and documentation tools. 

Residential Park Living

Some Residential Parks are exclusively for permanent home owners, whilst others provide for those that wish to rent a home and a site. Lastly, some residential parks provide for a mix of permanent residents and tourism.

NewBook caters for residential, permanent and long term rental accommodation based parks.

Tariff Management

View tariffs in a grid which shows each category in a row, and each day in a column. This allows you to manage all tariffs for a full page of categories for a week, 2 weeks or a month.

This is a great safeguard to double check and make sure that tariffs have been entered correctly by simply just taking a glance.

Gift Vouchers

The NewBook Gift Voucher System is cloud based software that enables you to sell Gift vouchers online from your web site with immediate delivery via email.

Gift Vouchers are a great option to have available for guests to purchase. Whether it be for a relative's birthday, Christmas present, or just a thank you. NewBook allows you to set up multiple gift vouchers for different purposes which can be sold online or by your staff. 

Quote & Availability Emails

Quotes can now be sent to guests via email from the "Bookings Quote" page.  The availability email will include multiple Categories, Tariff Types, Discounts and a great visual for the guest. Once the guest has received the email they simply click "Accept Quote" and the Booking will fall into your chart.  

Multiple Currency Support

Multiple Currency support makes it easy for international customers to pay for accommodation. Currency conversion allows potential guests to see the cost in their home currency, figures can also be placed onto Invoices and Receipts for extra convenience. NewBook provides a dropdown to preview the rate in the selected currency making it easier for staff and guests taking payments. The Guest will still be charged with your default currency.  

NewBook Sales

NewBook Sales allows you to create your own promotional codes and sale countdown timers. This will assist you in maximizing your occupancy during slow periods and receiving last minuet online bookings. The NewBook Sales feature means that you will be in control of your own promotions and marketing campaigns. 





Bank Transactions

Do you spend an endless amount of time reconciling bank transfers in your account? The newly added ASB Bank support for the Bank Transactions section of NewBook now allows you to import the transactions from your ASB online banking via CSV, to perform reconciliation against payments & refunds in NewBook. By taking full advantage of the Bank Transactions feature banking will be made easier and will save you time. 

Knowledge base & Wiki

You will have ongoing support and answers to questions right at your fingertips with NewBook Knowledge base and Wiki feature.

The knowledge base is a self-help document to provide you with answers to your questions. The knowledge based information is designed for you to browse through, it is a question and answer style, for example ‘how do I make a reservation?’ steps are then provided to assist you.

The Wiki feature provides you with specific information about the page you are on and how to use it. 

Task Chart

The Task Chart is a new innovative feature which provides the user a visual representation of set tasks. The chart can be viewed by a week, fortnight or month time frame and also filtered by categories and task types. The ability to quickly assess, drag and drop to change dates of tasks will make housekeeping and maintenance management more efficient than ever.

Membership Programs

The membership program feature allows you to enter in the guests Big 4, Top 10, Top Parks and Family Parks member number to bring up their contact information. This feature saves you time when making new reservations and when searching for previous reservations. This feature also allows you to create and manage Top 10 and Big 4 memberships inside NewBook.

Audit Log

The inbuilt audit log allows management level staff the ability to track all adjustments that have occurred on a daily basis. The audit log tracks the item, field, date of change and staff member who made the change. Within NewBook there is also an in-depth Audit Log Report which can be searched via custom date range to find an audit from anything from bookings, payments and invoices. 


NewBook enables you to hold a preauthorization on the guest credit card. This is held as a pending transaction to secure funds for bonds, key deposits and so on. This provides the client with a sense of security whilst the guest is in house. The funds can be released upon departure. The preauthorization can be completed through merchant warrior, Payment Express and Tyro. 

Feature Suggestions

All of our clients have the option to create feature suggestions through NewBook. All Feature Suggestions are accepted and continually being reviewed by our development team, to enhance the user experience. The suggestions are open for voting by other properties and can be disliked or liked. 

Discounts Per Night Mode

Through NewBook you have the ability to apply different discounts for individual nights of a Booking. In the Booking discount drop down you will choose 'Discount per Night Mode,' an extra 'discount' column will appear. You are then able to choose the discount you would like to apply for each night. 

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