Other Accommodation

NewBook can scale to a wide range of Accommodation options such as Mining Camps and Marinas.

Mining Camps

NewBook scales to meet your needs whether it be 50 to 5,000 beds or beyond it expands to include tasks such as: day-to-day reporting, bookings and availability, maintenance and cleaning, assets and stock management to card access, workforce induction, rosters, compliance, competency and HR. The latest in web and database technology delivers information to the browser in an easy-to-use, easy-to-read and flexible format to suit your everyday reporting needs.

  • Allocate rooms based on night/day shift, room sharing, back-to-back, 'buddying', priority & reserved rooms.


NewBook is a complete property management system designed for marina, resort, and property management industries. Its unique design provides the full features desired by marina and property management system as well as full accounting features.

NewBook includes a dynamic map with point-and-click user interaction. The visual map is a graphical representation of your property that can include both in-water and land storage.

  •  Using the map you can show a graphical representation of berths available on any given date.
  • Double click on any of the berths to see who has booked it.
  • Allow guests to book a berth online using NewBook's online booking system.
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