TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel website and can boost your business by linking your property to more than 260 million unique monthly visitors.

Integrating NewBook with TripAdvisor will connect you to a whole new market generating more bookings for your property through the new TripConnect features.

Online Bookings through TripAdvisor

NewBook is now a certified TripAdvisor TripConnect Premium Partner!

Integrate NewBook with TripAdvisor and have links to your NewBook Online bookings page appear in the TripAdvisor availability search.

  • Creates a direct link to your Online Bookings page through TripAdvisor.
  • Provides another avenue for guests to find and book through your website.
  • Setup special rates for booking through your website instead of 3rd party booking channels

Track your Guests

TripAdvisor's integration allows you to track your guests.

  • View number of times NewBook has appeared in TripAdvisor's availability search.
  • Track the number of clicks made that point to your NewBook Online bookings pages.
  • Track clicks on TripAdvisor vs bookings through NewBook as a way of seeing your conversion rate.
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