Event Management

Catering / Event Management gives you the tools you need to make sure every group's requests are taken care of.  You designate departments from catering to valet to sales to housekeeping and print the information each department needs to keep everything on track.

Events and Catering

Fully integrated NewBook PMS, Catering / Event Management provides seamless and effortless management of your facility's conference rooms, events, and group functions. Each step is easy and effortless.

  • A user definable color code allows easy identification of the status of each event. This can be viewed daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Save and export reports in a range of formatting options including:  CSV, HTML or as a PDF file.

Event Details

  • Preset beverage configurations for different pricing options.
  • Preset catering configurations for buffet and served menus.
  • Easily view event information from the detailed Event Management Screen - add setup equipment and staffing, or view customer discounts quickly.
  • Set cost and price edit to each setup, staffing and catering types.
  • Update event start and end times easily.
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