Human Resources

NewBook is currently developing a complete cloud based Human Resources solution covering a wide spectrum of features.

Human Resources

  • Absence Management
  • Training & Development
  • Performance Management


NewBook HR is aiming to be a fully integrated cloud-based HR management tool that engages your team with on boarding performance assessment, training, and documentation tools. 

  • NewBook HR simplifies employee record keeping and automatically calculates and tracks employee paid time off.
  • Provide your employees with the ability to electronically submit requests for manager review, a company directory and a calendar all accessible from any web browser or mobile device.
  • It's everything you need to know about your staff, all in one place.
  • Spread sheets are fun, sure, but as your business grows you may find that they become increasingly difficult to manage.

Stay In The Know

The easiest way to manage employee records, track annual leave, sick leave, and any paid time off.

  • Keep accurate staff records.
  • Easily manage absences.
  • Never forget a meeting.
  • Receive email reminders.
  • Get an overview of all HR updates.

Get Organised

Empower your team with NewBook HR Cloud’s social tools that promote connectivity, ideas, support and recognition.

  • Boost employee participation, morale & productivity within your business.
  • Use our generated reports.
  • Set measurable goals.
  • Keep important notes.
  • Give Praise


The Training & Development is a comprehensive feature that assists with all training and development functions from needs analysis to training evaluations. The administration side of this feature defines the training areas and subjects, training institutions, resource persons, types of trainings, examinations & scheduling training programs.

Training & Development provides features to handle different types of training program applications, tracking attendance and evaluations.

  • Keep current records of each employees learning management and certifications.
  • Employees can access their certifications digitally from anywhere.

Staff Performance & Goals

  • Spot trends, take action!
  • Employee performance management so easy that much of it is automated. 
  • Conduct performance evaluations, track employee progress, align team objectives, and generate organizational charts all in one place.
  • You and your management team gain access to insightful trend analysis, which provides alerts and guidance allowing you to measure the performance and productivity of your staff like never before.
  • You and your staff can also publicly thank each other, highlighting people who often go above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Document individual staff performance objectives with a customisable way of setting and monitoring goals.
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