Booking Engine

"The NewBook Online booking engine can be directly integrated into your very own accommodation website"

With NewBook Online's direct website integration we embed our online booking engine directly within the body of your website to ensure a consistent branding presence for your guests.

  • We are one of the only Online Booking systems to embed directly within the body of your existing website. We understand that branding is important to you so we have taken the time to ensure that our booking engine integrates nicely within your website while considering all of your websites existing styling.
  • With direct integration guests never have to leave your site to book. The whole booking process is all done within your own domain.
  • We provide a number of standard themes for you to change the look of our booking engine if you do not have a dedicated web developer on hand.
  • If you have a web developer they can even customise the styling of our booking engine to exactly suit your websites colour scheme for an even more personable experience.

Accept Online Deposits

NewBook allows guests to book months in advance using our online bookings engine on your website. Here they can either pay the deposit or the full amount to secure their booking.

Allowing guests this type of flexibility is likely to result in more bookings as it allows them the option to pay closer to the date rather than right when they placed the booking.

  • Take deposits instead of full payment
  • Receive the deposit now as compensation for holding the room.

Availability Chart

A proven layout that increases your bookings. It provides clear pricing for all your categories making it easy for guests to book which leads to increase of online bookings...which is what you want!

  • Calendar picker & Adults, Children & Infants picker
  • Changed to show more availability days
  • Prices shown on each day
  • Room Feature

Credit Card Payment Surcharges

Collect credit card information safely and securely for processing.

  • Credit Card payments from your website
  • Money is processed real time directly into your bank

Email Confirmation

NewBook provides numerous correspondence templates for bookings including confirmed, unconfirmed and quoted bookings as well as general correspondence to guests.

  • Design your own templates
  • Use letterheads to keep brand consistency
  • Provide email upgrade promotions

Facebook Login & Wall Posts

Allow guest to login with Facebook to make the booking time easier.

NewBook will go to the guests Facebook profile and grab the available information relating the online booking process. This can be:

  • First & last name
  • Address
  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • Profile picture

Full Domain Integration

With the NewBook Booking Engine we can integrate it directly into your websites domain. No more Redirects when the guest clicks on the Book Now button = customer confidence they are still on the same website.

This enables users to track guests from the moment the enter your website right up to paying their booking
Track the website guest used to find your website

Google Analytics

NewBook offers Google Analytical integration with your property management system and website.

  • Track guests the moment they enter the website - all the way to making a booking and payment
  • Track all your ecommerce sales

Hits Vs Bookings

  • View how many hits your website got versus the number of bookings you took on a daily basis.

Tracking Points of Entry

  • Track how guest enter your website from other websites

Guest Information

  • All guest information is dropped into NewBook PMS
  • Make it mandatory to collect certain guest information

No Duplicate Names Created

  • New guests will have their name and details created in your database
  • If the guest has stayed before, NewBook will look up the information and match to any guest profiles in the system based on what was supplied in the fields on the booking page.

Promo Codes & Discounts

  • Build rates that have discounts as triggers
  • Discount triggers attract longer duration stays
  • Hidden rates with promo code access.

Dynamic Rates

  • Dynamic triggers based on peak/off-peak & occupancy
  • Setup dynamic rates attract more customers.
  • Get the maximum yield out of your rooms

Room Features

NewBook allows guests to define the features they are looking for when making a booking on your website. Some of these features can be:

  • Flat Screen TV
  • Spa
  • Kitchen
  • Opening Windows
  • Air Conditioning
  • Balcony

SMS Confirmation

Save significant time and money by text messaging your guests, companies and long term renters automatically from within NewBook. All messages are kept on record as proof of them being sent ensuring less chance for actions to be forgotten.

Split Bookings & Up Selling

NewBook provides split bookings and upselling for longer stays.

  • Allows bookings to be split after so many days
  • This means a guest can potentially stay at your property for their intended length of stay.
  • Using the minimum nights you can have NewBook recommend longer stays meaning you increase your average booking length and increase your occupancy for longer.
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