Holiday Parks

From the initial configuration through to training, setup & go-live you will find our professional staff's level of care & attention to detail a refreshing change. Most importantly, we do not forget you once your park has 'gone live'. Once your system is up and running you will find our level of on-going support, service, care and attention something special.

  • NewBook eliminates the need for other interfaces, enabling your holiday park to run entirely from our system. 
  • We store a vast amount of information on guests that is all accessible through a customer record/profile.
    • Using this information you can view a guests full booking history.
    • Create a Guest Origin Report and list with our interactive map.
    • Excellent tool for targeted marketing campaigns.

Unique Operations

  • Integrated E-mails – Our system is fully equipped with its own e-mail server, so sending booking emails to a guest is an easy couple of clicks away.
  • Customisation is the name of the game – You can control almost anything – Users, Permissions, Printing and E-mail layouts, Reporting permissions and more.
  • Use the Notes feature on the Front Desk to set reminders for your staff. Chat to them in real time using the Live Chat feature. 

Forward-Thinking Technology

  • From the moment you start using NewBook, you will have access to a wealth of real-time information about your property.
  • Most of your time will be spent on the Booking Chart, where you can instantly see occupancy levels, room availability, check-in status and much more.
  • The Property Performance report allows you to see your hotels performance in real time.
  • Introduce automation to manual tasks with great features like Automated Contact, Scheduled Reporting and the entire Survey module. 

Billing Management

Keeping track of your accounts and making sure you have charged a customer correctly has never been easier. NewBook allows you to easily correct any mistakes in the room account, and keeps a full auditable history of changes.

With NewBook you can easily transfer charges to another guest, company account or travel agent account. 

  • NewBook allows easy one-click invoicing of room charges to a client, company or travel agent account.
  • ​You can also email invoices and statements with well-designed templates.
  • There is a wealth of financial reports available and NewBook can export your revenue and banking to your accounting system.
  • Easily manage a clients account ledger by adjusting the number of days to display making it easy to invoice daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Booking Information

Knowing how people have found out about you is a great way of determining what works for you. You now have the option to ask customers the question "How did you find us?" at the time of booking over the phone or this question can be required in the online booking form on the website.

All the data will combine to give you some great marketing insight into your guests search habits.

Business Analysis Reporting

Managing your property requires quick access to information. As owners or managers, you want to know exactly how your business is running. With the reports NewBook offers, you'll see what you need, when you need it.​

  • NewBook Front Desk provides selected key management information to individual user's.
  • NewBook Front Desk key performance indicators are available and visible as soon as users login to NewBook.
  • There is numerous reports that provide a "What If" analysis.

Business Analysis Exporting

For all those that have to do their own Business Analysis software or systems, NewBook offers the option to export all data to a CSV file.


Design your own letterhead, pick an individualized form of address for each guest and edit standard templates in NewBook. Need to send a special offer, confirmation or invoice? This can all be created and emailed in just a few clicks.

From promotional mailing through to confirmations and invoicing, NewBook handles and carries out the entire correspondence process with your guests virtually automatically.

Event Managment

Catering / Event Management gives you the tools you need to make sure every group's requests are taken care of.  You designate departments from catering to valet to sales to housekeeping and print the information each department needs to keep everything on track. 

Fully integrated NewBook PMS, Catering / Event Management provides seamless and effortless management of your facility's conference rooms, events, and group functions. Each step is easy and effortless.

Facility Management

NewBook Facility Maintenance will drastically change the way you manage your facilities.

By reducing costs, removing time consuming paper based systems and improving employees efficiencies, our system will improve just about every aspect of your properties facilities.

Financial Reporting

Seeing the big picture and following the long term trends is important in your property. NewBook makes this easy with our built-in reporting system. With just one click you can analyse trends, plot graphs, compare your performance year to date and monitor the performance of your promotions and advertising quickly and easily.

  • Forecast financial strength.
  • Keep track of your revenues and financials.
  • Plan confidently with information to forecast your properties financial health.

Gift Vouchers

The NewBook Gift Voucher System is cloud based software that enables you to sell Gift vouchers online from your web site with immediate delivery via email.

Gift Vouchers are a great option to have available for guests to purchase. Whether it be for a relative's birthday, Christmas present, or just a thank you. NewBook allows you to set up multiple gift vouchers for different purposes which can be sold online or by your staff. 

Guests & Bookings

Don't just stop after collecting all of the guest details. Strengthen your relationship with your guests by sending birthday or anniversary wishes via the email facility provided within NewBook. You can also let your guests know about any event being organised during festive seasons and invite them to these events.

Taking feedback from your guests can help you improve the level of services you offer and give your company some great innovative ideas. Design a guest survey to suit your needs & Newbook will automatically send it to guests. 

Help Centre

The NewBook Help Centre provides an all in one support centre and help documentation in the form of wiki's.

  • Feature request area
  • Built in support wiki's (encyclopedia/help guide)
  • Search by keywords when looking for a specific Wiki
  • Send a support request via our ticketing system

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Room Management encompasses those features that deal with the general up-keep of the property. Room Management can be used by your staff to keep track of all housekeeping and maintenance tasks for a room. All communication regarding rooms that need to be cleaned, inspected and/or repaired - flows through here. 

NewBook Room Management seamlessly communicates with the check in & check outs to alert other staff when a room is available for check-in.

Inbound Emails

NewBook is capable of receiving and storing emails which can be assigned to Bookings, Groups, Events, Guests, Companies & Travel Agents

In addition to sending emails, NewBook is now capable of receiving and storing emails from guests (including attachments up to 20mb). You have the option of configuring a number of inboxes from within NewBook to correspond with your existing email addresses. Emails will be automatically assigned to bookings, guests and other areas of the system where possible and can be attached manually from the inbox.

Multiple User Accounts

NewBook allows unlimited user accounts to be setup for accessing NewBook. Users can be setup to access different areas of NewBook which is User Profiles. 

Some of the features of User Setup include:

  • Name & contact details
  • Username
  • User Profile
  • Custom Privileges

Occupancy Reporting

NewBook provides detailed occupancy reporting based on statistical data and financial data. Some of the reports include

  • The Main Occupancy Report
  • Occupancy History Report
  • Ouccpancy Rate Projection

Occupancy Report Exporting

For all of those properties that do their own Business Analysis reporting, NewBook offers the option to export all data to a CSV file.

Paperless Check In

Save your business time, money and the environment with a complete paperless solution. With our cutting edge Guest Pre-Registration and Paperless Check in Module guests will be able to update and sign registration forms electronically via computer, tablet or mobile.

It's completely brandable and customisable down to which details are requested whilst also providing a signature field for clients to electronically sign the form, the signature being stored in NewBook.

Property Configuration

NewBook property configuration allows staff to maintain the backend of their properties rooms, categories, facilities, assets etc.

  • Total room category & Individual Sites/Rooms 
  • Setup all your properties facilities to hire out or add tasks onto
  • Define Slab Sizes for caravan/camping parks to ensure guests are booked on the right site.
  • Setup security areas so guests & staff can only access their allowed areas of the property.

Residential Park Living

Some Residential Parks are exclusively for permanent home owners, whilst others provide for those that wish to rent a home and a site. Lastly, some residential parks provide for a mix of permanent residents and tourism.

They are also known by a variety of other names including: lifestyle villages, manufactured home estates; relocatable home parks; mobile home villages and caravan parks.

Sales and Marketing Reports

NewBook provides detailed and accurate sales reports that help you determine what you best source of revenue is, where your guests are coming from and how much they are spending.  This is just some of the vital information you will be able to report on. 

Newbook provides reports that lets see trends with your guests and what they are booking, how long they are booking, how far in advance they are booking, etc.

Tariff Management

View tariffs in a grid which shows each category in a row, and each day in a column. This allows you to manage all tariffs for a full page of categories for a week, 2 weeks or a month. This is a great safeguard to double check and make sure that tariffs have been entered correctly by simply just taking a glance.

  • Customise tariffs for your property. 
  • Create full (rack), best available and qualifying tariffs. 
  • Create seasons for your tariffs, and attach tariffs to promotions and add-ons. 
  • Detail the taxes and fees appropriate for your location so you don’t have to do any additional math after the reservation is made.

Text Messaging

Save significant time and money by text messaging your guests, companies and long term renters automatically from within NewBook. All messages are kept on record as proof of them being sent ensuring less chance for actions to be forgotten.

  • NewBook allows users to create text message templates that can be used throughout NewBook on various features.
  • Text messages being sent to smart phones or tablets will have your phone number & address clickable so that guests can use Google Maps to find your property or call it if anything changes.
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