2023 Travel Trends

Ahhhh 2023… our first full 12 months of freedom to travel since 2019. So, how has travellers expectations changed and what do you need to think about in your property to meet the needs of the travellers in 2023?

Meeting 2023 Travel Trends

Travelers are looking to escape their daily routine and with bigger budgets than in 2022.

More travelers are looking for accommodation that is inclusive, sustainable, and accessible.

Your guests are looking for a more personalized experience.

For parks that are planning the future, these emerging trends aren’t likely to be a one-season fad. These trends present an opportunity to delight (and keep) your existing guests and expand to new markets.

Sustainable Travel

90% of consumers are looking for sustainable options when traveling

Guests are searching terms related to sustainability and eco-friendliness twice as often in January 2022 compared to the previous year.


Recommend locally owned businesses & restaurants 
Showcase how your guests can engage with local experiences and culture
Display sustainable intiatives on your website

Nature Travel 

55% of guests want to spend their vacations immersed in natured. However, 53% said they’d need their phone and a stable internet connection.


Offer guided hikes, kayak tours, or bike hire
Offer WiFi and phone charging cables 
Advertise the above on your website and social media with user-generated content!

Travel Budgets

46% of guests are prioritising travel after saving their pennies during the pandemic.55% of guests want to spend their vacations immersed in natured. However, 53% said they’d need their phone and a stable internet connection.


Offer package deals that include accommodation and experiences 
Provide the ability to purchase extras while booking online 
Level up your rate management and implement dynamic pricing


70% are more likely to choose travel option that are more inclusive, even if they come at a higher cost.

Despite this, traveler report seeing few options inclusive of all types of travelers when booking a vacation. This presents an opportunity to differentiate your property and fill this gap.


Represent a range of people, cultures and backgrounds in your advertising
Consider where your property is wheelchair friendly and whether you can include ramps and other accessible options

Experiential Travel 

73% want to experience travel out of their comfort zone
– 30% will explore lesser-known cities to find some hidden gems
– 47% are interested in finding exotic delicacies such as the hottest chili pepper
– 38% want an out-of-this-world culture shock, such as hunting for UFOs


Embrace your uniqueness! Consider what makes your property unique that guests love
Share how guests can immerse themselves in local cultures 
Advertise nearby towns and hidden gem attractions 

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