5 Quick Tips to Increase RV Park Revenue

As an RV Park operator, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations and thinking of new ways to boost revenue can sometimes be an after-thought. There are some easy ways you can get started without investing a small-fortune. So let’s take a look at  5 quick tips that you can use to boost revenue at your RV Park!

1. Use Dynamic Pricing

Have you ever booked a flight, and then a week later, it’s doubled in price? This is the perfect example of dynamic pricing in action. Dynamic pricing is a popular revenue management strategy that is often used across the hospitality industry, as it is based on market supply and demand.

When it comes to accommodation bookings, just set your minimum and maximum nightly rates in your property management system. Your rates will automatically adjust to achieve optimal revenue and occupancy for your property. This process is completely automated and one of the most effective ways to drive more revenue!

BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort saw a 44% increase in gross revenue,14% rise in spend per site and 3.5% growth in mid-week occupancy with NewBook’s forecasting and reporting tools.

2. Upgrades & Stay Extensions

Just a few days before your guests are due to arrive, excitement is in full force, and it’s the ultimate time up-sell. Offering an upgrade or stay extension a few days prior to check-in might be a welcome surprise, costing only a small amount on top of their existing booking. Of course, you can also prompt staff to offer this to guests upon check-in.

Another great way to win fast revenue is offering late check-out for a small fee. Offer this to your guests towards the end of their stay so they won’t need to rush out come check-out day.

How does it work?

With NewBook, you can automate your upgrades and stay extensions using our 2-Way SMS feature. With this feature, you can automatically send out prompts for your guests to upgrade or extend their stays. If they reply YES, NewBook will automatically update their booking and add the charges. This is also a great way to free up some of your cheaper accommodation options for last-minute sales!

3. Activities & Events

In 2022, the demand for experience-based travel is surging, with guests now looking for more than just a place to rest their heads. Whether you can offer activities such as guided walks, snorkeling, or tennis lessons, it’s important to add activities to your mix.

Activity idea’s to try out at your RV Park

Celebrate Holidays

Why not get your guests even more excited for major holidays and celebrate together? For example, host themed events for holidays such as Halloween & Thanksgiving. Not only will this boost revenue, but it will create lasting memories for years to come.

Get the kids involved!

Kids love participating in fun activities, and parents love the chance to have a break. Consider offering activities for the little ones, such as a kid’s club, movie nights, or a disco. Parents are always willing to pay for a well-deserved break!

Let’s Eat

After a big day of traveling, your guests may not want to leave your property in search of food. Try to collaborate with local food trucks in your area to host a range of cuisines at your property each week. Your guests will LOVE the convenience, and you can take a small commission with no effort required.

Hosting activities and events are great ways to make your property stand out from competitors and enhance the overall guest experience!

Bonus Tip – Advertise your upcoming events in email newsletters and on your social media to keep your future guests informed about what’s coming up.

4. Start Using a Waitlist

Have you ever come across unhappy guests who cannot make a reservation on their preferred dates? Well, this is a good problem to have it means there’s high demand for your property!

However, there is a way to manage these guests and win additional revenue. Using a waitlist is a great way to fill last-minute cancellations and accommodate more guests. This will allow you to send automated updates to guests on your waitlist the instant a slot becomes available. As a result, you’ll be able to gain revenue that would have been lost to a cancellation, and another guest gets to experience your fantastic property it’s a win-win.

Want to see how it works? Watch This Video.

5. Let Guests Pick Their Preferred Site!

When you’re booking flights, do you like to sit on a window seat or sit with others in your group? Well, you are most likely going to use a seat selection feature to confirm your seating preferences. Airlines have been offering seat selection for years. So why not offer guests the same experience when staying at your park?

You can offer Site Selection through your online booking engine, where guests can view your property map and pick which site they’d like to stay in. Charging a small fee for campers to choose their site or cabin, is a simple revenue booster and creates a better guest experience!

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