Inbound Emails & SMS Inbox

NewBook can receive and store emails and SMS, making it easy to communicate with your guests and respond in a timely manner. Messages will automatically be assigned to bookings, guests and other areas of the system so there’s no need for you to manually add any messages. You can configure multiple email addresses in NewBook to correspond with your existing email setup.

NewBook Drive

Storing files in NewBook Drive makes it quick and easy to find your documents when you need them. Since NewBook is in the cloud, you can access NewBook Drive anywhere, anytime on any device!

You can store anything you like, whether it’s documents, images or audio files.

NewBook Drive is great for storing important client documents in one convenient place. If you’re organising an event, you can save floor plans and place cards in your function bookings, making it quick and easy to work on your events’ finer details. To help with guest security management, you can store passport copies against guest and booking profiles.

Secure Document Storage

  • Quotes
  • Agreements
  • Images
  • Audio Files
  • Floor Plans


NewBook makes it easy to manage equipment you have in stock. If you sell second-hand items, such as boats and cars you can store seller information, dimensions and notes which is helpful when you receive an enquiry. You can even use Equipment to create a database of owners and equipment in your local in case anyone ever needs it.


NewBook’s Tickets allow you to provide your clients with a professional support system that’s easy to track and monitor communication. It’s easy to sort, filter and assign support requests and emails will be stored against a client’s account for future reference.


It’s easy to keep track of billable hours using NewBook Jobs. Whenever your staff complete work for a client you can create a job so you can work out how long they spent on the job and which rate you’d like to charge. Once the work is complete, or at the end of a billing period you can quickly and easily invoice your client, knowing that labour is up to date.


Managing your projects in a central place allows you to keep track of assigned tasks, time tracking and budgets. You can create, assign and schedule tasks as well as automatically send and receive notifications when work has been completed.


You can create as many tills as you need to help you keep track of your money. Entering the till float into NewBook instead of manually writing figures makes it easier to monitor your cash and keeps your staff accountable.

Global Search

You can find anything in NewBook using Global Search, which is great if you’ve forgotten where to find something! Results will be displayed by category so you are able to see where you can find the information next time.

Template Management

You can create a wide range of templates in NewBook instead of manually entering the same information each time you need it. Email templates, vouchers, invoices and tasks are just a few kinds of templates you can customise and save. Keep your designs simple or create full html templates with your brand’s colours and images; the choice is yours.

Create a wide range of templates

  • Email templates
  • Tasks
  • Images
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Notes
  • Invoices & Receipts

Templates are fully customisable to suit your business and are designed to speed up or automate daily tasks and improve accuracy. Once set up, NewBook will automatically fill in the correct details, such as name, contact details, booking or job details.

Save time by creating templates you can use over and over. You can create professional designs for gift vouchers which guests and clients will be proud to receive. Streamlining your invoices and emails will give you confidence that details are always correct, reducing the amount of time you’ll spend on administration.

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