Why You Should Strive to Be Among the Best Campgrounds in the United States


What’s the most memorable campground you’ve ever visited, and what exactly sticks in your mind about that place? Was it the view of a pristine lake with glass water on a hot summer day, or the calming feeling that you got when looking at the vast mountain ranges from the window of your RV? Maybe it was being pleasantly surprised when you found out that the campground offered bicycle rentals when you realized that you left yours at home, or the time when you rented a canoe to get in some fishing on the last day of your trip. Maybe you just enjoyed the peace and quiet, or having the time to connect with nature by going for a hike in the woods. 

Chances are a memorable camping experience or two is at least partly responsible for the fact that you decided to purchase and run a campground of your own in the first place. The ability to be the person who gets to assist in facilitating core memories for adults and children alike as people visit your campground is extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Given the fact that in 2022, 92 million Americans went camping, putting the time and energy into making your campground great is well worth your time.

Taking the time to carefully plan your campground’s layout, including site locations, amenities, services, and more is key in attracting guests and getting repeat ones over time. Even if you run a campground that’s on the side of the highway that is meant for overnight stays, it’s still important to provide your guests with a stellar experience in every way that you can. 

In this article, we explore more about what it takes to get that coveted spot in the best campgrounds category. From first impressions to cleanliness and other considerations to make beautiful camping spots, we’ll uncover what you need to know to create the best experience you can for your guests.

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Incentives For Being Among the ​​Best Campgrounds in the US

Operating one of the best campgrounds in the US can offer significant benefits and opportunities that extend beyond the immediate financial gains from high occupancy rates. These incentives can enhance the campground’s reputation, foster a loyal customer base, and provide long-term strategic advantages. 

Here are key incentives for striving to be among the best campgrounds in the country:

1. Enhanced Brand Reputation

Achieving recognition as one of the best campgrounds in the US can significantly boost your brand’s reputation. This recognition can come from various sources such as prestigious industry awards, positive reviews on travel and tourism sites, and word-of-mouth recommendations. A strong reputation attracts more visitors, not only from across the nation but also from international tourists seeking quality experiences.

2. Increased Pricing Power

Top-rated campgrounds can command higher prices due to perceived value. If your campground is known for providing exceptional service, unique amenities, and an overall excellent guest experience, customers are often willing to pay a premium. This pricing power can significantly increase your revenue without necessarily increasing your operational costs proportionally.

3. Attraction of Repeat Customers

Customers who have a positive experience at your campground are more likely to return in the future and become long-term patrons. These repeat visitors are invaluable as they provide a steady stream of revenue and are often less expensive to market to compared to acquiring new customers. Furthermore, satisfied repeat customers can act as brand ambassadors, spreading the word to potential new guests.

4. Expanded Marketing Opportunities

Being recognized as one of the best can open up additional marketing opportunities. Your campground might be featured in travel blogs, magazines, social media platforms, and beyond. Such exposure often leads to increased bookings and allows you to reach segments of the market that were previously untapped. Moreover, you can leverage this recognition in your marketing materials as a unique selling proposition to differentiate your campground from competitors.

5. Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities

Excellence in your field can attract partnership and sponsorship opportunities with outdoor equipment brands, local tourism boards, and other entities interested in associating themselves with high-quality services. These partnerships can not only bring in additional revenue but can also enhance the guest experience through value-added services or products, thus further boosting your campground’s appeal.

6. Access to Better Financing Options

Being a top-rated campground can facilitate access to better financing options from banks or investors, who see a proven track record of success and customer satisfaction as a safe bet. This can be particularly beneficial for expanding your campground’s facilities or investing in sustainable and eco-friendly technologies that can further enhance its appeal.

7. Influence in Industry Decisions

As a leader in the camping industry, you could have a greater influence on industry standards and practices. This can include participating in panels, contributing to environmental sustainability efforts, and having a say in local and national tourism policies that could affect your business.

8. Community and Economic Benefits

Operating a top campground can have significant positive impacts on the local community. It can drive increased tourism that benefits local businesses and boosts the local economy. Additionally, it positions the campground as a key stakeholder in the community, fostering community relations and support.

9. Enhanced Employee Satisfaction and Recruitment

Being recognized as one of the best campgrounds not only boosts guest satisfaction but can also enhance employee morale and attract top talent. Employees often feel a greater sense of pride and motivation working for a highly esteemed and well-regarded establishment. Additionally, top-rated campgrounds tend to attract skilled workers who are eager to be part of a successful and professional team. This can lead to better guest services, more innovative ideas from staff, and an overall improvement in campground operations.

10. Eligibility for Grants and Subsidies

Achieving a status as one of the best campgrounds can make your business eligible for various grants and subsidies aimed at promoting tourism and environmental sustainability. These financial boosts can be used to further enhance the campground’s facilities, invest in eco-friendly technologies, or fund community and environmental projects. This not only helps in maintaining the campground’s top-tier status but also contributes to its long-term sustainability and community engagement.

What Makes the Best Campgrounds?


For many, camping is not just a way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life but a chance to reconnect with nature and spend quality time with family and friends. The best campgrounds manage to enhance this experience through a combination of great location, superior facilities, and outstanding service. 

Here’s what sets the best campgrounds apart from the rest:

Factors that Set the Best Campgrounds ApartDetails
Attractiveness / Cleanliness– Impeccable maintenance: the best campgrounds are well-maintained with clean facilities and manicured grounds. Regular cleaning schedules, well-kept paths, and pristine communal areas are crucial. Natural beauty is enhanced, not overshadowed, by human activity, with efforts made to blend facilities into the surrounding environment seamlessly.- Litter-free environment: a top-notch campground enforces strict litter regulations to maintain its attractiveness. This includes providing ample trash bins and recycling facilities throughout the site, encouraging campers to maintain cleanliness.
Amenities– Quality facilities: the availability and quality of facilities can make or break a camping experience. Modern restrooms, hot showers, and well-equipped laundry rooms are essential. Additionally, amenities like full electrical hookups, water and sewage connections for RVs, and reliable Wi-Fi add to the convenience.- Unique offerings: highly rated campgrounds often provide unique amenities that set them apart, such as movie theaters, heated pools, on-site convenience stores, or even luxury glamping tents for those who prefer a more upscale camping experience.
Activities– Variety of recreational options: the best campgrounds offer a range of activities suitable for all ages. This might include guided hikes, fishing, canoeing, and biking trails. For family-friendly campgrounds, playgrounds, sports courts, and organized games are popular.- Themed events and entertainment: to enhance the camping experience, top campgrounds often host themed weekends, live music, outdoor movies, and other entertainment options, creating memorable experiences for guests.
Ease of Access– Convenient location: accessibility is key. The best campgrounds are located within reasonable distances from major roads but are still secluded enough to provide a sense of escape. Clear signage and well-maintained roads are essential for easy access.– Navigable layout: once on-site, the layout of the campground matters. Well-planned sites will have clear and convenient access to facilities, well-marked plots, and enough space between campsites to offer privacy and reduce noise.
Hospitality– Friendly and helpful staff: the level of service provided by the campground staff significantly impacts guest satisfaction. Efficient, friendly, and helpful staff can enhance the camping experience, providing guests with a sense of welcome and security.- Responsive service: the best campgrounds have staff who are quick to respond to guests’ needs, whether it’s addressing a maintenance issue or providing information about local attractions. A proactive approach to service often distinguishes the good from the great.
Community Engagement– Building a camper community: campgrounds that foster a sense of community among guests often see higher repeat visitation. This can be facilitated through communal dining areas, campfire gatherings, and group activities that encourage interaction among campers.- Environmental stewardship: top campgrounds also promote and practice environmental responsibility. This includes initiatives like solar power, water conservation measures, and educational programs about the local ecosystem, making them attractive to environmentally conscious travelers.

In summary, the best campgrounds stand out by offering clean and attractive environments, a wide range of amenities and activities, easy access, exceptional hospitality, and a strong sense of community. These elements work together to provide a memorable and enjoyable outdoor experience that keeps campers coming back year after year.

How To Make Your Campground Among the Best


Ensuring your campground ranks among the best involves a combination of strategic planning, exceptional service, and ongoing improvements. Here’s how you can elevate your campground to achieve top-tier status:

1. Focus on Guest Experience

Giving your guests the best experience requires a focus on several factors, including:

  • Providing personalized service. Tailor services to meet the specific needs of your guests. This could include offering flexible check-in/check-out times, responding promptly to requests, and providing personalized recommendations for local activities.
  • Ensuring quality facilities: Ensure all facilities are clean, well-maintained, and updated. Regularly upgrade amenities like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and communal areas to keep them modern and functional.
  • Effective communication: Establish clear and open lines of communication with your guests before, during, and after their stay. Use various platforms like emails, text messages, and social media to keep them informed and engaged.

2. Enhance the Environment

The natural beauty surrounding your campground is of the utmost importance and should be protected. Here are some tips for utilizing the natural environment of your campground:

  • Natural beauty: Integrate your campground’s design with the surrounding landscape. Use native plants, protect natural features, and minimize the environmental impact of your infrastructure.
  • Quiet and privacy: Design the layout to provide as much privacy as possible between campsites. Consider natural barriers like trees and bushes to reduce noise and create a sense of seclusion.

3. Provide Unique Amenities

Unique offerings can help your campground stand out from others, especially if you’re in a high tourist area. Here are some ideas:

  • Unique offerings: Differentiate your campground with unique amenities such as outdoor movie theaters, wood-fired pizza ovens, or hot tubs. Consider amenities that align with the natural setting, like kayak rentals for a lakeside campground.
  • Family-friendly features: Include amenities that cater to families, such as playgrounds, safe swimming areas, and family-oriented activities and entertainment.

4. Organize Activities and Events

Your guests will appreciate the opportunity to have fun without needing to leave your campground. Some fun ideas that you can incorporate into your campground include:

  • Recreational programs: Offer a variety of activities that can engage guests of all ages, such as guided hikes, craft workshops, or yoga sessions. Tailor activities to the season and the unique features of your location.
  • Special events: Host events that can draw guests, like music festivals, themed weekend events, or outdoor competitions. Ensure these events are well-organized and add value to the guest experience.

5. Leverage Technology

Being able to find and engage with your guests online is a great way to boost your campground’s reputation. Some essentials include:

  • Online booking: Implement an easy-to-use online reservation system that allows guests to book their stay conveniently. Ensure your system is mobile-friendly and provides all the necessary information about availability, rates, and campground rules.
  • Digital tools: Use technology to enhance the guest experience, such as apps that offer maps of the campground, event schedules, or even a platform for ordering food and supplies from the camp store.

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6. Safety and Cleanliness

Your campground should be safe and clean to ensure that your guests can enjoy the property. Be sure to conduct:

  • Regular maintenance: Conduct regular inspections and maintenance of all facilities, including electrical systems, plumbing, and public areas to ensure everything is in good working order.
  • Safety measures: Implement comprehensive safety measures, including clear signage, well-lit pathways, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits. Offer briefings or informational materials on wildlife safety, fire safety, and emergency procedures.

7. Commit to Sustainability

Being environmentally friendly and sustainable is important not only for the environment but also for your guests. Some tips for being environmentally friendly include:

  • Eco-friendly practices: Adopt sustainable practices such as recycling, solar energy, water conservation systems, and non-toxic cleaning supplies. Make your commitment to sustainability a key part of your branding.
  • Community involvement: Engage with the local community by sourcing locally, participating in local events, and supporting local restaurants through partnerships. This not only boosts the local economy but also enriches the guest experience by providing access to authentic local flavors.

Other Factors In Creating Camping Spots by Style


Creating camping spots tailored to specific styles can significantly enhance the camping experience for visitors. Whether you’re designing spots for RV enthusiasts, tent campers, solo adventurers, or families, understanding and addressing the unique needs and preferences of each group is essential. Below, we explore how to develop these specialized camping environments.

Creating the Best RV Parks

Designing an ideal RV park involves more than just providing a parking space. It’s about creating a convenient, comfortable, and accommodating environment. High-quality RV parks should offer level sites that are easy to access and provide ample space for slide-outs and awnings. The inclusion of amenities like laundry facilities, restrooms, showers, and a communal area can further enhance the stay.


RV campers expect certain utilities, including electricity, water, and sewer hookups. Offering a range of power options (30, 50, or even 100 amp) can accommodate various RV types. Additionally, providing cable TV and internet access can differentiate your park from others.


Accessibility is crucial in RV park design. Ensure that roads and paths are wide and well-maintained to prevent navigation issues for large vehicles. Smooth, paved roads are preferable, as they minimize the risk of damage to RVs and enhance overall safety.

Creating the Best Campgrounds for Tent Camping

Tenting is a very accessible form of camping for many people because it doesn’t cost a lot to get into. But to have a comfortable camping experience, tenters are often looking for close proximity to amenities, more tree cover for privacy, and more.

Rain Protection

To cater to tent campers, consider the placement and environment of the camping spots. Areas with natural or artificial shade and protection from the elements are ideal. Offering covered picnic areas or sheltered common spaces can also provide relief during bad weather.

Creating the Best Solo Camping Spots

Solo campers often seek tranquility and privacy. Design secluded spots away from the main camping areas, using natural features like trees and shrubs to enhance solitude. Simple amenities like a fire ring and a nearby water source can significantly improve the solo camping experience.

Privacy / Trees

Privacy is a significant factor for tent campers. Use natural landscapes to create barriers between sites or incorporate landscaping features such as hedges or bamboo screens. These not only increase privacy but also add to the aesthetic appeal of the campsite.

Creating the Best Campgrounds for Families

Camping families are often looking for campgrounds with a good number of amenities, including areas to entertain children and teenagers. 

Upselling Rentals/Entertainment

Family campsites can benefit from offering additional rentals like bikes, paddleboards, or canoes. Incorporating entertainment options such as playgrounds, game rooms, or organized activities can also attract families looking for a dynamic camping experience.

Lakes/River Fun

Proximity to water bodies such as lakes or rivers can make a campground particularly appealing to families. These features offer recreational opportunities like swimming, fishing, and boating. Ensure safety measures are in place, such as lifeguards during peak times and clearly marked swimming areas.

Additional Ideas for Making Your Campground or RV Park Stand Out

In the competitive world of outdoor recreation, campground and RV park owners must find unique ways to differentiate themselves to attract and retain guests. Here’s a table of more ideas that can help make your campground or RV park stand out:

IdeaDescriptionTarget Audience
Themed WeekendsOrganize special themed weekends such as Halloween haunts, historical reenactments, or a family heritage festival.Families, History Buffs
Eco-Friendly InitiativesImplement solar panels, recycling programs, and offer educational eco-tours to appeal to environmentally conscious visitors.Eco-tourists
Luxury AmenitiesProvide high-end amenities like hot tubs, in-ground pools, and gourmet food services.Luxury seekers
Pet-Friendly OptionsInclude amenities such as dog parks, pet washing stations, and offer pet-sitting services.Pet owners
Digital Detox ZonesCreate areas with no Wi-Fi or cellular access, offering a true escape from digital life.Solo travelers, Families
Outdoor CinemasSet up regular movie nights under the stars with classic films and family favorites.Families, Couples
On-Site Adventure CoursesBuild adventure courses or climbing walls to provide thrilling activities right in the park.Adventure seekers
Local Cuisine and ProductsPartner with local farms and eateries to offer guests a taste of local cuisine and goods at an on-site market.Foodies, Cultural enthusiasts
Workshops and ClassesOffer classes such as yoga, photography, or survival skills to enhance guests’ skills and enjoyment.Hobbyists, Wellness enthusiasts
Special Accessibility FeaturesDesignate fully accessible areas and provide amenities such as ramps and specialized equipment for guests with disabilities.Guests with disabilities


Achieving the status of one of the best campgrounds in the United States can transform your business and elevate the camping experience for your guests. It’s about creating a destination that not only provides a place to stay but also enriches the lives of those who visit. The benefits extend beyond financial gains; they foster a loyal customer base, enhance brand reputation, and provide substantial community and economic benefits.

Investing in your campground by incorporating innovative amenities, ensuring excellent guest services, and fostering a clean, friendly environment can set you apart in the competitive outdoor recreation industry. By focusing on creating memorable experiences, prioritizing guest satisfaction, and maintaining a commitment to quality, your campground can aspire to be among the best, providing unforgettable experiences that encourage visitors to return year after year. This not only boosts your business but also contributes to a vibrant, sustainable tourism ecosystem.

Managing the ins and outs of your campground requires an organized approach, especially when you’re implementing different ideas for continuous improvement. One of the most effective ways you can manage your campground is through comprehensive property management software like Newbook, which has your revenue management, channel management, and more built into one centralized system.

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