Cash flow is crucial to any business as without funds, it becomes increasingly difficult to pay bills, wages or grow the business. NewBook provides many different tools to effectively manage your billing, such as invoicing, gift vouchers, pre-authorisations, online payment gateways and credit card surcharges.

Direct Debit

Direct debit is quick and easy to set up and once it’s ready to go, you won’t have to worry about receiving late payments again! Automated payments are secure, reduce admin tasks and give you peace of mind your invoices will be paid on time. Guests won't have to manually make payments and will be saved from incurring late fees.

Payment Plans

Payment plans, another of our industry-first innovations, are a great way to assist guests on a tight budget and increase your booking opportunities. Guests can book accommodation and make weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments up until they arrive, offering flexibility while ensuring you receive full payment.


Protect your revenue with NewBook Pre-Authorisation. All payment gateways that integrate with NewBook can complete a pre-authorisation transaction to guarantee funds for your guests’ accommodation, bonds and activities. When your guests are ready to check out, simply take their payment and release the pre-authorisation in NewBook.


Never be out of pocket – you can add a credit card surcharge to cover your costs of offering an online payment option. Give your guests confidence that credit card payments are taken safely and securely by allowing them to fill in their own credit card details using their preferred payment method.

Credit Card Gateways

Get paid faster by offering credit cards as a payment option. Connecting a credit card payment gateway to NewBook allows you to instantly take payments for your services. NewBook has integrations with several payment gateways, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred payment gateway provider.


Taking online payments is fast and easy with NewBook’s BPAY integration. When your client pays via BPAY, you’ll have the money in your account on the next Banking Business Day. BPAY helps reduce administration and keeps overheads down so your staff can focus on other areas of your business.


Stay on top of your cash flow with NewBook’s automated invoicing. Instead of manually sending invoices you can set up direct debit billing and automatic reminders to help you receive your money sooner. You also have the ability to automatically send Invoices for repeat charges, saving you from manually generating and sending them.

CRM Multi Currency Support

Servicing international clients is easy with NewBook’s Multi-Currency Support. You can choose which currencies you’d like to offer and NewBook will update the exchange rate daily, giving you confidence your clients will always pay the correct amount. Reporting is easy; select whether you’d like to look at financial reports in your local or international currency.

Multi-Currency Support

Provide your international guests with up to date currency information when they book online. Guests are charged in local currency which keeps your revenue reporting simple, while the home currency conversion can be placed on invoices and receipts so guests can easily balance their records.


Easily manage ongoing fees and charges by creating subscriptions with automatic invoice generation. Perfect for handling annual charges, such a web hosting or group affiliation fees, simply set the billing dates and watch your invoices send automatically - you’ll never have to manually raise invoices again!

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