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Vassaliki Naturist Club

We met up with Newbook at the World Travel Market 2015 in London. We viewed several property management systems at the show but Newbook had the most user friendly interface for us.

We have had two poor experiences with setting up property management systems before so were very pleased that Newbook had a local office and that Chris and Lauren who we were going to be dealing with on our set up were both at the show and very happy to answer any of our questions.

Set up of the system was fast and the training was well structured, given in non-technical language so we could all understand easily. All queries and set-up issues were dealt with quickly and any requests for future improvements we had for the system were taken on board and some have already been implemented in the latest update.

We are so impressed with Newbook that we would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their property management system and online bookings for their establishment.

Mark Taylor

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