Cloud-based Key Dispensers


Cloud-based Key Dispensers



NewBook’s Cloud-based Key Dispensers simplify and streamline your check-in and check-out process, making it simple for guests to access their accommodation 24/7 while saving your staff time. With contactless service now more popular than ever, these dispensers allow you to keep your guests and staff safe and take convenience to a whole new level. What’s not to love?

Why you’ll love them…

24/7 key access for guests and visitors

Modular design to suit every business

Provide contactless

Easy installation on
any wall type

Track the history of all your keys from a single account!

Manage access to keys from anywhere, anytime

Fully integrated with NewBook


All keys & FOBs can be easily managed and configured directly within the one interface in NewBook.

Check-in & Check-out
NewBook will send a 4-digit code via email or SMS to your guest, which they will enter on the dispenser to access their key!

Self-Service Kiosk Integration
Your Key Dispenser can be integrated with our Self-Service Kiosks, for a truly seamless experience.

Modular design to suit every sized business


Choose from two different base unit sizes. If you need more key storage, the 30 key expansion unit is available as an add-on!

7 Key + 1 FOB Dispenser

25 Key + 1 FOB Dispenser

30 Key Expanion unit

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