Astra Apartments

Astra Apartments developed its own web-based enquiry, reservation and invoicing system but found it was restricted by limitations in accessibility, inability to handle multiple accommodation addresses, on-line reservations and no interface to communicate with Channel Managers.

After a thorough sourcing exercise, NewBook was chosen to replace the existing solution as it most closely matched our functionality, security and reliability requirements. Most importantly, NewBook’s staff demonstrated willingness and capability to accommodate Astra’s unconventional processes and implement system modifications as required. NewBook’s extensive experience of on-line booking channels has also made the transition easier and more worthwhile.

The first of 12 Astra Apartment locations went live in September 2012, with two more adopting the system by end of December 2012. The roll out will continue through 2013, having full confidence in the team at NewBook.

Tom Jeavons-Fellows, National Operations Director

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