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Total Package for Managing My Vacation Rental Business

The pros of using NewBook: Total management of all of my 7 short-stay holiday rental properties and 1 permanent rental. Creating contact templates for emails and SMS that automatically goes out to guests, cleaners, repairs & maintenance means that I don’t have to employ anyone. Newbook does it all for me. It makes everything re: booking a breeze. Customer Service is excellent and you will wait on the phone for less than one minute. Most things are fixed over the phone with TeamViewer. If not they get back to you that day or within 24 hours or less.

FANTASTIC. I would not even consider swapping to another property management software to manage my short stay holiday rental business. It is like having an employee without paying wages, sick leave, rec leave or long service leave. Newbook does not argue with me and does its job. On a few occasions where there is an issue customer service and support come to the rescue.

David H, Owner

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