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A quick note as we head into our second week of using NewBook. Really pleased with the almost completely seamless changeover. Very proud of my team for how they have applied themselves. It has been a great opportunity for us to improve our systems and to have a bit of a helicopter view of how we do things, and I can see that Discover will go onwards and upwards from here.

Most importantly, the support and training has been first class. Micah is an absolute gem! She was so knowledgeable and patient with us last week and we were all so thankful that she was here to nurture and encourage us when things got a bit sideways once or twice. Having a trainer onsite on go live days is great idea and saves so much time and stress.

I am looking forward to a long and prosperous association with NewBook and the people who work there. It is one thing to say that your focus is on support but another thing altogether to deliver on that.

Thanks to your team and very much appreciated.

Colin Battersby, Business Owner

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