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The best thing about NewBook is its ability to be customised to suit YOUR business rather than having to adapt yourself into it.

NewBook has reduced the amount of time and effort it takes to do all our day to day tasks. The clarity of charges and template costs means that we rarely make any mistakes with booking costs and additional items. We believe that our business is more financially secure with the NewBook system as it’s removed many instances where human error can occur. With the time saved using the NewBook system, we require less staffing time for processing bookings and as a result have improved our bottom line.

NewBook has provided us with tools to book directly into our schedule across a number of platforms. From website bookings to responsive access to the system on iOS and Android, our occupancy has risen in line with guests being able to book quickly from new booking avenues.

Learning how to use NewBook has been easy based on its logical design and the support and also the addition of feature requests into NewBook has been great. On the rare occasion we have an issue with the software it’s usually resolved within a day of notification.

Newbook’s automated processes make the bookings procedure incredibly easy and efficient. Thanks to automated emails and integrated payment systems, direct bookings at our property do not require staff intervention at any stage of the booking saving lots of time and also ensure that quick communication is always delivered at every stage of booking. Automation allows our business to run while we are sleeping and has had a big impact on our presence as a 24 hour company instead of a 9-6 company.

Danny, Customer Service

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