Shiralea Backpackers Resort

“We moved over to NewBook at the end of September 2014 as we were previously using a very basic POS system. As we were in a growth stage, we wanted more functionality from our PMS system and wanted to move towards a fully integrated system which we were able to achieve with custom integrations in NewBook, allowing the PMS, Idealpos and Xero to all work seamlessly.

The integration between all platforms prevented the need to double-handle documents. All charges were able to go directly from the bar and restaurant, to the individual client account, then across to Xero to be reconciled at the end of the day. This saved a tremendous amount of time and increased productivity, allowing myself the freedom to address other daily and strategic tasks that otherwise were difficult to schedule in.

Our revenue has definitely increased since using NewBook and we found that the system minimised the amount of staff errors which mitigated our losses. Idealpos allowed cashless transactions with peace of mind that everything would be in the client’s account at check-out. The simplicity of managing our tariffs across all OTAs with the in-built channel manager, dynamic pricing and web-based promotions have also been invaluable to our property.

I truly like the reporting functionality of the system including the occupancy reports, earned revenue, daily audit summary and client account balances. I love that I can get a good representation of the health of our property and the performance of the business over previous weeks and years, allowing us to analyse our long-term goals. Keeping our shareholders informed on our performance is much easier with NewBook.

Our main benefit from using NewBook has been the increase in productivity. Previously, invoicing a customer was a cumbersome task, having to manually reconcile in the PMS and then the accounting software which all required manual entry. Now when an invoice is paid, with the help of the earned revenue report and daily audit summary we only need to reconcile our accounts once! No double handling, no manual entry – truly a time saver.

One of the best aspects of NewBook is the customer service. There is always someone to answer your call and help with any issues that may arise. I love that with the consistent updates and improvements to the software, NewBook continually offers training free of charge – an amazing service. NewBook is always open to suggestions of how they can improve their system based on their customer’s needs. I haven’t experienced any other companies that engage with their customers on that level and frequency.”

Nathan Rock, General Manager

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