Data Loss Prevention | 5-Step Data Security Health Check

Information security is vital to for data loss prevention. Your property management system or reservations system should be employing extensive protocols to ensure your data, and your guests data is secure. There are some additional initiatives you should be taking to level up your data protection.

NewBook Data Security Measures

NewBook employs extensive protocols for data security including:

 | Leveraging high-availability technologies across multiple data centres to ensure no single point of failure affects the availability of the system

 | Use of containerisation technology to improve your security footprint but also provides near-infinite scalability to allow room for your business to grow

 | End-to-End approach – third-party security audits, ongoing security scanning, infrastructure hardening, web application firewalls, and PCI compliance are just a few of the measures to secure your data

5-Step Data Security Health Check

Complete the data loss prevention checklist below and consider how many of these initiatives do you currently have in place?

If your system does not offer these options, it may be time to consider alternative systems to level up your security.

1. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA requires users to input two forms of confirmation to access your NewBook system. For example, a successful username & password + token provided through SMS, email, or Google Authenticator.

2. Manage Your User Access

Data should be on a need-to-know basis. User profiles can help you assign privileges to the correct staff members. For example, maintenance staff can be restricted from viewing personal guest information but can access Tasks and Maintenance pages.

3. Audit Your User List

As staff come and go, are you deactivating their profiles? Make sure your previous employees don’t have access to your NewBook system by visiting the page ‘Instance Manager Users’.

4. Force Reset Password

Prevent account breaches by enforcing employees to reset their password every month. Switch this setting on via the Other tab on the Instance Settings page and NewBook will automatically facilitate the process each month.

5. IP Whitelist

Configure approved IP addresses such as your office and head office, meaning that staff can only access your NewBook system from these locations.

If you’re not satisfied with your current level of data security, get in touch today!

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