Easy Ways to Go Green at Your Accommodation Business

As more of us make an effort to live eco-conscious lifestyles, consumers are looking for help from like-minded businesses to assist them in accomplishing their green goals.

Actually, a massive 88% of consumers want brands to help them live sustainably, making it unsurprising that their preferences in travel options are becoming increasingly eco-friendly as well.

Yep sustainable travel is here to stay, and the trend is only picking up pace as the years go on. A survey by found that 87% of all tourists want more sustainable travel options, and two-thirds of them are willing to spend at least 5% more on their trips to ensure their choices have as low an impact on the environment as possible.

Whilst the term might mean different things for different travellers, almost 46% believe that sustainable travel means choosing eco-friendly accommodation. That means, regardless of your business size or property type, you have an opportunity as an accommodation provider to reinvent your approach and investigate a way to start catering to those who are seeking an ethics-affirming escape.

Let’s explore some simple ways NewBook can help you go a little greener

  • If you use NewBook, you’re already a step in the right direction. Cloud-based systems, like NewBook, help to minimise energy use and power costs as they eliminate the need to run on-site servers for 24 hours daily.
  • Similarly, our latest cloud access control solutions including Wi-Fi Door Locks and boom gate keypads, don’t require the use of power-hungry on-site servers like legacy systems do.
  • Do away with old-school paper maps and compendiums. Instead, utilise GuestAssist App and NewBook’s Self-Service Kiosks to provide your guests with the information they need, minus the excess paper.
  • Rather than printing traditional paper receipts, send them via email or SMS instead.
  • The same goes for agreements, waivers and declarations. With NewBook’s E-Signature Documents and Paperless Check-In features, guests can fill out all the usual paperwork (including COVID-19 declarations) without the need for physical paper documents.
  • If you operate a hotel or resort, allow guests to request fresh linen or new towels using GuestAssist, instead of replacing these daily.
  • When it comes to physical paper lists for housekeeping and maintenance, equip your team with tablets to manage their tasks straight from the NewBook platform. This saves paper and updates tasks in real-time, so staff will be able to plan their day more efficiently and map out their route (say hello to less driving)!
  • Save on power and water consumption by integrating with IoT energy metering solutions. You’ll be able to set a time the lights/aircon automatically turn on prior to arrival and automatically switch them off at check-out time. Plus, collect data from all metering devices, like sprinklers, and manage it within integrated sustainability reporting systems.
  • Invest in long-term infrastructure solutions like water recycling systems or solar panel systems. At NewBook’s Gold Coast Data Centre, we use 130 solar panels to keep our system up and running with as little environmental impact as possible.

Going a little greener can not only give your property a competitive edge and help it appeal to a wider market, but you’ll genuinely feel better for doing so! Whilst employing more sustainable practices can improve your business, boost your bank account and enhance your guest experience, developing a sustainability strategy means more than just offering a modern eco twist or unique selling point. Becoming a more conscious brand is crucial to continuing the trend of creating more environmentally conscious consumers and businesses and therefore, a healthier, happier planet and NewBook can help you do that!

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