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Tariff Management

NewBook’s fully customisable tariffs give you the flexibility to manage your rates however you like. Seasonal tariffs, specials, packages and marketing promotions are a great way of maximising your revenue opportunities and with NewBook, you’ll have all the tools you need.

Dynamic Tariffs

Dynamic tariffs are a great way to respond to market conditions and maximise revenue. Simply set your minimum and maximum prices and let NewBook take care of the rest.

Dynamic Tariffs

  • Maximise Revenue
  • Respond to Market Conditions
  • Automatic Rate Updates

You can choose whether you offer dynamic tariffs all year round, or just in low seasons, when you need to lower your pricing.

Setting minimum stays in peak periods will ensure you maintain a high occupancy rate, enabling you to make the most of your earning potential.

Promotional Tariffs

Encourage your guests to book directly with you rather than using a third party site by offering lower rates and specials on your website.

Offering packages and specials will promote your property and help to increase your bookings and revenue. Unique promo codes and discounts are a great way to increase reservations in low seasons or fill the last remaining room categories.

NewBook’s countdown timer creates a sense of urgency and helps to drive new business. Create a marketing campaign using these tools and watch your bookings grow!

Another way you can increase revenue is to offer packages or booking add-ons, such as buffet breakfast, late check-out or champagne on arrival.

Promotional Tariffs

  • Promo Codes
  • Discount Codes
  • Sales Countdown Timer
  • Booking Add-ons
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