Financial & Business Reporting

Financial & Business Reporting

Staff Reporting

NewBook has created several reports to help you monitor your staff’s performance. You can view the number of bookings each staff has cancelled over a certain period, tariff overrides, task completion statistics and much more. Recognising and rewarding your team couldn’t be easier! If you need to check when changes have been made in NewBook or who made them, don’t forget you can check the Audit Log for details.

Scheduled Reporting


Schedule Key Reports

  • Revenue
  • Client Account Balance
  • Occupancy
  • Leads
  • Tasks

Stay up-to-date about all aspects of your business without the hassle of manually running your reports.

You can easily schedule any of NewBook’s reports and choose who receives them, when. Instead of multiple staff generating the same report, why not provide them with the information they need without even lifting a finger!

Net Promoter Score Report

Once a guest has checked out of your property you can text or email them a pre-survey question which contributes to your Net Promoter Score, allowing you to gain an understating of overall customer satisfaction. You can view your Net Promoter Score over a short or long term date range, depending on the period you’d like to review.


Keep an eye on how your business is tracking by creating goals. You can set targets for many different areas of your business, such as the amount of revenue each GL Account receives, net promoter score, number of bookings placed and occupancy. Once you’ve activated your goals they’ll appear on the Front Desk so you can easily see how you’re tracking.

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