General Business Management

General Business Management

NewBook Corporate

NewBook Corporate allows you to manage multiple properties with one login which means you can see all of your business information in one account. You can even manage properties across different cities and countries so you can stay connected and reduce travel costs. With NewBook Corporate’s reporting tools, you can quickly analyse all of your properties’ performance and find ways to maximise your revenue. Running marketing campaigns and sending newsletters from a corporate level will help to increase your brand awareness and increase cross property selling opportunities.

Centralised Database

You can manage all of your day to day activities, from client databases to quotes, communication and billing in one central place so you always know what’s happening in your business.

Loyalty Program

Reward your repeat guests with a loyalty program. NewBook allows you to track a guest’s number of stays and spend amounts using a guest’s membership number so you set up a range of tiers, offer incentives and discounts to show your guests you value them. If you offer a paid program, you can run reports to show whose membership is about to expire.

NewBook Broadcast

Incentivise your staff and increase productivity by displaying leader boards around your office with NewBook’s live Broadcast. You can display a wide range of statistics and reports, such as number of leads converted, your Net Promoter Score and Staff attendance.

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