Human Resources

Human Resources

Make people management a breeze with NewBook’s human resource tools. Without your staff your business wouldn’t be able to operate so it’s important your staff are safe in your workplace and are up-to-date with policies and procedures.

NewBook provides you with all the essentials so you can effectively manage your staff. Induction, rostering, incident reporting and task management are some of the tools you can use to ensure your staff are as productive and knowledgeable as possible.

Incident Management

It’s really important that staff and visitors assist with identifying hazards to maintain a safe environment. If an incident does occur, the details need to be recorded so changes can be made to ensure it doesn’t happen again. NewBook allows you to record everything about the incident, including the person involved, description, time and location of the incident. You can easily monitor whether similar incidents are occurring frequently and if you need to make some changes at your property.


Make it easy for your staff to remember what they need to do when taking bookings or preparing rooms by creating checklists. For example, you can provide a checklist to your housekeeping staff with the list of items they need to replenish or clean and mark as complete before they can release a room.

Lost Property

You can easily keep track of Lost Property in NewBook. Record what item was lost or found, what it looks like, who found it and whether it has been claimed or not.

Audit Log

NewBook features an in-built audit log which allows management level staff to track all changes made in the system. Details such as the change, date of change and staff member involved are all logged so you have peace of mind that you can access this information if you need to.

Staff Shifts & Induction

Managing staff is a big job and involves a lot of organisation. In order to have a productive team you need to ensure you’re providing your staff with all the tools and resources they need to succeed. NewBook helps you keep your staff organised with minimal effort.

Effective Rostering

  • Add Staff
  • Create Shifts
  • Department Reporting
  • Easily Swap Shifts

Rostering staff isn’t easy as there are often many changes due to turnover and external commitments. NewBook’s Staff Shifts makes it easy to add and assign shifts.

You can even make drag and drop changes to the Shifts Chart to switch shifts between your staff! It’s easy to keep track of how many hours each role requires; you can see a breakdown of rostered hours by role and staff member which is great for estimating wages and forecasting future requirements.

Induction is a really important part of any business as it teaches staff about your company, values and procedures. If your staff receive an organised welcome to your business they’ll have a great first impression and will be able to quickly and effectively learn their role.

With NewBook’s Training and Testing tool, you can create as many induction tests as you like, which helps your staff learn about all aspects of your business. Staff can sit tests relevant to their department, such as reception, account manager or housekeeping and you can use the reports to see test scores, who has completed tests and you can even leave comments on tests that staff can review.

Staff Induction

  • Induction Tests
  • Induction Feedback
  • Teach Values & Procedures
  • Test Feedback

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