IOT Automation

Automatically switch on and off electricity, water or gas for each of your sites upon check-in and check-out. You can also manage real-time meter reading information inside NewBook so your billing stays up to date.


Slack is an online platform that connects people and apps, allowing you to work smarter and improve communication in your team. You can receive Slack notifications on your mobile phone, tablet and even your smart watch, meaning you no longer have to stay at your desk to be productive. Our integration lets you talk to Slack to request information, saving you from having to log in and search for the information inside NewBook. You can even mark tasks as complete by replying to Slack notifications!



It’s quick and easy to manage your fuel sales and track revenue with NewBook’s integration with TWeb fuel pump POS. You can take electronic payments and sell fuel 24/7, even when your staff aren’t present.



WideSky® TenantView delivers insight to your utility usage, to any device. Real-time data feeds from current utility usage, to enable users to learn how their behaviour impacts costs. Simple changes of habits lead to $$ in savings!


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