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Newbook launches rebrand and major platform enhancements

Newbook Property Management Software

Newbook, a leading provider of hospitality management software, has announced a rebrand and innovative updates to its platform.

Newbook has evolved over 13 years to become a global market leader and has now unveiled its refreshed brand and platform to reflect its position in the marketplace. The new brand identity maintains the integrity of the company’s core values while also cementing their positioning as a forward-thinking leader in the Hospitality Management space. Newbook’s rebrand is so much more than a modernized logo and color palette that has been applied across the business; as CEO Shaun explains, they have also been pioneering some exciting updates to the Newbook platform.

“After 13 years, we’re thrilled to introduce our new brand identity that reinforces our position as an innovative and trusted market leader. In addition, we’re updating our entire platform to deliver our customers an even more intuitive, user-friendly, and faster platform to run their business. We’ve invested significant time and resources including, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) experts to design the platform of the future for our customers.”

The UI and UX update is based on extensive industry research and client feedback. The first phase of the updates has now been released, which features a modernized interface to reflect the new brand. Shaun explains some of the value customers will see is an improved user experience to increase efficiencies, even faster load speeds, and the delivery of more features even faster. The platform will also comply with Web Accessibility standards ensuring people of all abilities can effectively use Newbook.

“We value the input from our passionate user community and proactive engaged as them part of this project. It’s exciting to celebrate this successful update with them.”

Says, Head of Product, Amy Gibbons

A recent survey by Software Advice stated that 94% of property managers consider ease of use to be an important factor when evaluating property management software. Newbook is prioritizing resources to put their current and further customers’ needs first. Newbook will continue innovating to stay ahead of industry trends and incrementally release updated modules for a seamless transition for its customers.

About Newbook

Newbook is a Connected Hospitality Management Solution, providing accommodation operators with a powerful platform to operate their business. Founded in 2010, the company has scaled over the past 13 years into a global market leader with 2 international offices and over 50,000 users. Newbook’s mission is to build high-quality products delivered with passion, so customers can create memorable experiences.

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