Importing Data from LiveRez

Importing data from LiveRez is easy.

Here’s a list of all the information we can import. If you have any questions, please head to our Knowledge Base or contact our friendly team.

  • Accommodation Categories – This does not include, images, descriptions etc.
  • Accommodation Sites
  • Full Name
  • Address (Except Country)
  • Phone & Fax Numbers
  • Email Address
  • Stay Dates
  • Occupancy
  • Specific Status
  • Stay cost as Booking Quoted Tariffs
  • Notes
  • Booking Inventory Items
  • Full Name
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone & Fax Numbers
    Specific Items that cannot be imported:
  • LiveRez appears to be used for property management across multiple physical locations & as a result does not have a concept of categories which matches that of NewBook’s. As a result each property is represented by one Accommodation Category with one Accommodation Site.
  • No trust accounting transactions will be brought across. Trust must be disbursed in old system before going live. NewBook will start trust the day you go live.
  • Block out dates

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