Old Amersham Hotels

Old Amersham Hotels has 2 properties in close proximity, plus an affiliate a couple of miles away. The 2 hotels in Amersham have shown a significant upturn as now, if one property is full, instead of giving a number to ring and losing the caller, we now just offer to make the booking there and then in the second property, with instant e-mail confirmation. We are so convinced of the benefits of NewBook that we are bringing the smaller affiliate unit on to the same system to maximise cross selling opportunities.

We have recently had 2 or 3  group bookings of 30 rooms varying stays, that no one hotel could accommodate. The complexity of managing a group split across properties would have made it impossible with our previous PMS. We would lose the booking to a hotel with 140 plus rooms. Now we take the booking on the basis that we split across 3 units and manage it and the client still has one point of contact.

Peter St.Lawrence, Director

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