Payment Gateways

Get paid faster by offering credit cards as a payment option. Connecting a credit card payment gateway to NewBook allows you to instantly take payments for your services. NewBook has integrations with several payment gateways, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred payment method.

An Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account allows you to accept credit cards and electronic checks from websites and deposit funds automatically into your merchant bank account. Their solutions are designed to save time and money for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Authorize.Net accept’s credit card payments securely and safely from a mobile device using the free Authorize.Net Mobile App* or a third-party solution. With mobile payments, your storefront literally goes anywhere you do and provides real-time, secure payment processing.

Taking online payments is fast and easy with NewBook’s BPAY integration. When your client pays via BPAY, you’ll have the money in your account on the next Banking Business Day. BPAY helps reduce administration and keeps overheads down so your staff can focus on other areas of your business.


CommWeb is a complete payment gateway solution offering security, reliability, streamlined administration and a seamless customer experience. Accept online payments from international credit, debit and prepaid cards as well as stored-value online wallets and more.

Ensure you’re always paid on time with direct debit. Automated payments are secure, reduce admin tasks and give you peace of mind your invoices will be paid when they’re meant to be. To use direct debit, you’ll need to have a payment gateway connected.

DOKU is the first electronic payment and risk management service provider in Indonesia. DOKU offers a wide range of financial services including selling, paying, buying, sending and borrowing. With more than 10 years of experience, supported by a dedicated team, recognized with international security certification and supervised by Bank Indonesia, DOKU is ready to become a partner that helps facilitate all your transaction needs.

Epay’s global solution improves the payment experience by allowing you to remit and exchange currencies online… anytime, anywhere. Support multiple currencies, manage assets online, gather popular e-wallet types, and more!

eWay is a growing provider in payment solutions, today they are 25% of the local online market. eWay is a payment provider that processes credit cards immediately, it is reliable, safe and secure. NewBook’s integration with eWay allows you to process online payments through NewBook.

GoCardless is a direct debit gateway allowing you to safely and easily control your cash flow, ensuring you get paid on time, every time. The gateway is really user friendly and is perfect for invoice payments of variable amounts and recurring payments and will even notify the customer prior to the transaction!

Merchant Warrior is an Australia based payment provider that offers a range of online payment solutions to merchants worldwide. Merchant Warrior offers its clients a robust processing gateway by combining a vast range of advanced features and tools, which are made available through a simplistic interface.

Merchant Warrior’s Transparent Redirect solution enables merchants to completely brand and host their own secure payment page, while providing their customers with a PCI Compliant environment when transactions are processed.

Omise is Thailand’s leading online payment gateway, offering a wide range of processing solutions for any business need. Their endeavour is to provide the best online payment experience that works seamlessly on both mobile and web. Omise looks is currently looking to expand beyond its existing borders to Japan, Indonesia and other countries across the Asia Pacific in the near future.

PayPal’s merchant services make it easier for you to get paid anywhere you do business. PayPal makes it easy to take payments online by turning your website into an online store. You can accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards and PayPal payments on your website.

Red Dot Payments works to make payments simple, by focusing on cost reduction, revenue growth, and flexibility! You can invoice and collect payments automatically, accept all major global payments and currencies, accept phone payments, and more!

Stripe’s payment gateway has been engineered to let you start accepting payments in less than 10 minutes. Stripe accepts all major cards from customers around the world on web or in mobile apps.Through Stripe your business can accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country in 100+ currencies. Stripe can also support bank and direct debit payments, local payment wallets and cryptocurrency.

Tyro Payments is Australia’s fastest growing EFTPOS provider serving over 14,000+ customers and processing over $7 billion annually in card transactions. Tyro delivers real-time integration over 3G and Internet connected physical terminals.

This integrated card payment acceptance solution allows you to serve more customers, increase your productivity and accelerate your business growth. Tyro allows your POS/ PMS to communicate directly with your tyro EFTPOS terminal which makes processing payments fast and secure.

Windcave (formerly Payment Express) provides PCI DSS compliant payment solutions and are certified with all major card schemes. Windcave provides a global end-to-end platform for e-commerce, retail and unattended that facilitates payments seamlessly in real time.

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