Property Management Software

Property Management Software


Whether you’re a large hotel, holiday park, boutique resort or villa, motel or any other accommodation provider, NewBook software for property management can help take your business to the next level. Our extensive range of features allow you to increase revenue and efficiently manage all areas of your property, giving you more time to focus on other things, like growing your business.


Evolve your business with our industry-leading PMS solutions


Create your own, personalised front desk with favourites, settings, goals, statistics and more. Even change the colours!

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Increase Direct

Manage accommodation, activities, appointments, cancellation insurance and payment plans on your own website.


Use NewBook’s Channel Manager

Increase your exposure without increasing your workload and easily manage availability and tariffs in real-time.


Maximise Revenue

Sell activities, add ons and facility hire online to secure extra revenue before your guests even check in.


Connect with
Third Parties

Manage real-time data in one central system and make better decisions with our endless integration opportunities.


Communicate with
Your Guests

Create marketing campaigns and talk to your guests via email and SMS. Store correspondence in one central inbox.


Browse our most popular features of property management software

NewBook Messenger

NewBook Messenger is the perfect tool to instantly communicate with your Guests and staff. Quickly see which staff are available to assist with requests so you're always on top of everything, even in busy times. You can also create group chats to communicate with multiple staff at the same time. Simply update your online availability and your guests will be able to chat with you at a click of a button. To assist you further in busy periods our artificial intelligence guest assistant, NEW.B.I.E, can be integrated with Messenger so if your guest needs to speak with a staff member, they won't even notice the transition.

Slack Integration

Work on-the-go with NewBook and Slack. Slack is an online platform that connects people and apps, allowing you to work smarter and improve communication in your team. You can receive Slack notifications on your mobile phone, tablet and even your smart watch, meaning you no longer have to stay at your desk to be productive.

Multi-Category Bookings

Guests can place multi-category bookings online instead of having to call your property or make two separate bookings. Once Guests have entered their dates, they will be able to choose from different room types if their preferred option isn't available for their whole stay.

Staff Reporting

NewBook has created several reports to help you monitor your staff’s performance. You can view the number of bookings each staff has cancelled over a certain period, tariff overrides, task completion statistics and much more. Recognising and rewarding your team couldn’t be easier! If you need to check when changes have been made in NewBook or who made them, don’t forget you can check the Audit Log for details.

Direct Debit

Direct debit is quick and easy to set up and once it’s ready to go, you won’t have to worry about receiving late payments again! Automated payments are secure, reduce admin tasks and give you peace of mind your invoices will be paid on time. Guests won't have to manually make payments and will be saved from incurring late fees.

Payment Plans

Payment plans, another of our industry-first innovations, are a great way to assist guests on a tight budget and increase your booking opportunities. Guests can book accommodation and make weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments up until they arrive, offering flexibility while ensuring you receive full payment.


Designed for day spas, salons and other professional services bookings, NewBook’s appointment module allows you to create time slots, packages and best of all, take online bookings. Guests can book a massage while making an accommodation booking, maximising your revenue before they arrive.

Guests invite friends to book and join them too since anyone can make a booking!

Guests select their preferred Appointment time and once confirmed, both the Guest and your property will receive a booking notification. Your Appointment chart will automatically update so there's no need to manually add any information into NewBook.

Appointment Bookings

  • Create packages
  • Take online bookings
  • Automatically update availability

Tariff Management

NewBook’s fully customisable tariffs give you the flexibility to manage your rates however you like. Seasonal tariffs, specials, packages and marketing promotions are a great way of maximising your revenue opportunities and with NewBook, you'll have all the tools you need.

Promotional Tariffs

Encourage your guests to book directly with you rather than using a third party site by offering lower rates and specials on your website.
Offering packages and specials will promote your property and help to increase your bookings and revenue. Unique promo codes and discounts are a great way to increase reservations in low seasons or fill the last remaining room categories. NewBook’s countdown timer creates a sense of urgency and helps to drive new business. Create a marketing campaign using these tools and watch your bookings grow! Another way you can increase revenue is to offer packages or booking add-ons, such as buffet breakfast, late check-out or champagne on arrival.

Promotional Tariffs

  • Promo Codes
  • Discount Codes
  • Sales Countdown Timer
  • Booking Add-ons

Task Management

NewBook can automate administration tasks and schedule jobs to help your business run more efficiently. Automatic alerts, reminders and triggers will make sure you and your staff never forget when a task is due. You can quickly assess and change task allocation using the Task Chart to adjust job priorities and manage changes in staff.

Text Messaging

Send a wide range of personalised, automated SMS messages to your guests to build rapport and keep them informed. 90% of guests view their SMS messages within three minutes, meaning it’s one of the best ways to communicate with them. NewBook’s in-built marketing system allows you to create and send targeted email and SMS campaigns. With numerous email templates to choose from and your contact lists already in NewBook, you’ll be sending creative and influential sales and marketing content in no time.

Activity & Tour Bookings

Selling activities and tours are a great way of up-selling and providing your business with extra revenue. By packaging activities into tariffs and special offers your guests will feel like they’re receiving extra value and may be more inclined to stay with you.

How Activities Work

  • Combine with Accommodation Packages
  • Email Confirmation
  • Multiple Time Slots
  • Online Bookings

Anyone can book activities through your website, even if they aren’t a guest.

You can list multiple time slots for popular activities so no one misses out. Activities are paid for at the time of booking and an email confirmation will be sent to their preferred email address.

Vehicle, Vessel & Aircraft Management

You can effectively manage your fleet with NewBook. Listing inventory, passenger limits and fleet status will allow you to improve efficiency and maximise availability. By recording important details about your fleet you’ll be able to take better care of your inventory as you can set reminders for routine maintenance and upkeep.

SMS Upgrades & Stay Extensions

NewBook provides you with two great up-selling tools; SMS Upgrades and Stay Extensions. Why not try to increase your revenue from existing bookings? You can send automated messages to your guests asking if they’d like to upgrade their booking for a discounted price, or if they’d like to extend their stay. If they reply Yes, NewBook takes care of the rest! Bookings are updated and confirmation messages are sent back to the guests – it’s that easy.

Scheduled Reporting


Schedule Key Reports

  • Revenue
  • Client Account Balance
  • Occupancy
  • Leads
  • Tasks

Stay up-to-date about all aspects of your business without the hassle of manually running your reports.

You can easily schedule any of NewBook’s reports and choose who receives them, when. Instead of multiple staff generating the same report, why not provide them with the information they need without even lifting a finger!


Surveys at a Glance

  • Automated Surveys
  • Automated Replies
  • Overall Score
  • Internal Notifications
  • Detailed Reports

Surveys are a great way to gather information about your business so you can celebrate strengths and find out which areas you might need to improve on.

NewBook has a built-in feature where you can customise and send automated surveys to your clients once a job is complete. Set up automated replies based on their overall rating and show them that you appreciate their feedback. Use the reports to view high-level statistics or drill down into specific information when you need to.

Net Promoter Score Report

Once a guest has checked out of your property you can text or email them a pre-survey question which contributes to your Net Promoter Score, allowing you to gain an understating of overall customer satisfaction. You can view your Net Promoter Score over a short or long term date range, depending on the period you’d like to review.

Automated Contact

NewBook’s powerful email solution enables you to send a wide range of correspondence, from quotes to confirmation and cancellation emails. Best of all, you can store all communication in one place to easily keep track of SMS and emails.

Send a Wide Range of Correspondence

  • Quotes
  • Confirmation Emails
  • Cancellation Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Promotions

You can create and send a wide range of correspondence in order to keep your guests and clients informed.

For the budding designer, you can create your own templates to give your emails your brand’s look and feel. Or, if you prefer, use a template that NewBook provides.

NewBook Corporate

NewBook Corporate allows you to manage multiple properties with one login which means you can see all of your business information in one account. You can even manage properties across different cities and countries so you can stay connected and reduce travel costs. With NewBook Corporate’s reporting tools, you can quickly analyse all of your properties’ performance and find ways to maximise your revenue. Running marketing campaigns and sending newsletters from a corporate level will help to increase your brand awareness and increase cross property selling opportunities.

Marketing Campaigns

NewBook’s in-built marketing system allows you to create and send targeted email and SMS campaigns. With numerous email templates to choose from and your contact lists already in NewBook, you’ll be sending creative and influential sales and marketing content in no time. You can use some of NewBook’s tools to give you insights into what your clients are interested in. Surveys and Google Analytics data are sure to help you come up with some great marketing campaign ideas.

Gather Great Ideas

  • Google Analytics
  • Previous Marketing Campaign Statistics
  • Popular Specials
  • Surveys

You can use some of NewBook’s tools to give you insights into what your clients are interested in. Surveys and Google Analytics data are sure to help you come up with some great marketing campaign ideas.

NewBook’s marketing campaign module is quick and easy to use; you can create and send a campaign in just 5 minutes! You can create beautiful emails by customising the templates – changing the branding and adding images will really make them your own.

Inbound Emails & SMS Inbox

NewBook can receive and store emails and SMS, making it easy to communicate with your guests and respond in a timely manner. Messages will automatically be assigned to bookings, guests and other areas of the system so there’s no need for you to manually add any messages. You can configure multiple email addresses in NewBook to correspond with your existing email setup.

Group Bookings

NewBook allows you to easily manage group bookings on one screen. You can bulk update guests’ details, such as billing information and travel dates as well as individual details without having to open each booking.

NewBook makes it fast to update details in bulk. There are several ways to make changes: inside NewBook, CSV or NewBook Online.

Group organisers can easily make changes themselves instead of contacting your property. This is very useful for adding dietary requirements and updating contact details. Each time a change is made the guest's profile will automatically update inside NewBook.

Manage Group Bookings

  • Update details in bulk in NewBook and online
  • Add dietary requirements
  • Update guest and billing details on one screen

Split Bookings

Split Bookings allow you to maximise your availability and increase your revenue opportunities. NewBook lets you split a booking across multiple rooms which is useful if you don’t have one room available for a guest’s entire stay. If you need to move an in-house guest, you can create a split booking so you don’t lose the information about the first room they had reserved.


Protect your revenue with NewBook Pre-Authorisation. All payment gateways that integrate with NewBook can complete a pre-authorisation transaction to guarantee funds for your guests’ accommodation, bonds and activities. When your guests are ready to check out, simply take their payment and release the pre-authorisation in NewBook.


Offer your guests the option to pay deposits for their reservation instead of full prepayment. Guests don’t like parting with their money before they need to, so taking a deposit offers them flexibility while getting some revenue on your books.


Never be out of pocket – you can add a credit card surcharge to cover your costs of offering an online payment option. Give your guests confidence that credit card payments are taken safely and securely by allowing them to fill in their own credit card details using their preferred payment method.

Credit Card Gateways

Get paid faster by offering credit cards as a payment option. Connecting a credit card payment gateway to NewBook allows you to instantly take payments for your services. NewBook has integrations with several payment gateways, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred payment gateway provider.


Taking online payments is fast and easy with NewBook’s BPAY integration. When your client pays via BPAY, you’ll have the money in your account on the next Banking Business Day. BPAY helps reduce administration and keeps overheads down so your staff can focus on other areas of your business.


Stay on top of your cash flow with NewBook’s automated invoicing. Instead of manually sending invoices you can set up direct debit billing and automatic reminders to help you receive your money sooner. You also have the ability to automatically send Invoices for repeat charges, saving you from manually generating and sending them.

Guest Portal

Give your guests the power to view and make changes to their booking without having to call your property. Guests can find all of their booking information, update their details, add activities, start a payment plan and much more in our easy-to-use portal. Experience our guest portal first-hand by using the login details below.

Sample Guest Portal Details

NewBook Drive

Storing files in NewBook Drive makes it quick and easy to find your documents when you need them. Since NewBook is in the cloud, you can access NewBook Drive anywhere, anytime on any device!

You can store anything you like, whether it’s documents, images or audio files.

NewBook Drive is great for storing important client documents in one convenient place. If you’re organising an event, you can save floor plans and place cards in your function bookings, making it quick and easy to work on your events’ finer details. To help with guest security management, you can store passport copies against guest and booking profiles.

Secure Document Storage

  • Quotes
  • Agreements
  • Images
  • Audio Files
  • Floor Plans

Asset Management

NewBook’s Asset Registration tool makes it easy to organise and maintain your assets and inventory. Understanding how your assets are used and maintained can improve efficiency and save you time and money in the long run.

Record Important Information

  • Serial Numbers
  • Model Types
  • Tag Numbers
  • Service and Repair Dates
  • Location

Recording important information about your assets makes it easier to maintain and take care of your inventory as you’ll never miss a service.

NewBook offers you the flexibility to choose how you would like to categorise your assets – keeping electronics in one category makes it easy to keep track of your inventory. It also helps you to compare performance and lifespan of items, such as air-conditioning units. Being able to attach files to your assets means your receipts will be there when you need them.

Quotes and Availability

Looking for another revenue generating stream? Providing quotes is a great way to gather interest in your property without an upfront commitment from your guests.

NewBook makes it easy to provide your guests with quotes for their stay. You can send multiple room categories, tariffs, photos and information about your property to help your guests make a decision.

Placing an expiry date on your quotes creates a sense of urgency for your guests so they’ll make a faster decision. Guests can even book and pay through the quote link, making it quick and easy to secure their booking.

Quoting Tools

  • Tariffs or Availability
  • Images and Information
  • Quote Expiry Date
  • Book and Pay

Centralised Database

You can manage all of your day to day activities, from client databases to quotes, communication and billing in one central place so you always know what’s happening in your business.

Facebook Integration

NewBook’s integration with Facebook gives your guests another way to make a booking with you. Guests can view rates and special offers, check availability and can even make a booking without needing to leave your Facebook page!

Facebook Bookings

  • Facebook Bookings
  • Exclusive Facebook Specials
  • Reporting

NewBook’s Booking Engine for Facebook provides you with all the functionality of our Online Booking Engine, meaning your guests can quickly and easily see everything they need in order to make a booking.

You don’t need to make any changes to the Online Booking Engine; we’ve done it all for you. Creating exclusive Facebook specials will entice your guests to book with you and you can update your existing rates so there’s no need to duplicate categories and rates. Facebook searches and reservations are recorded inside NewBook so you can review statistics and compare where your bookings are coming from.

You can allow your guests to log in with Facebook when making a booking to speed up the checkout process.

NewBook will pre-populate the available fields, such as name and email address so your guests can skip a step and focus on their booking details. Once their booking is complete, they’ll have the option to share with their friends that they’ll be staying with you.

Facebook Login

  • Faster Booking Process
  • Pre-populate Contact Details
  • Share Posts

Loyalty Program

Reward your repeat guests with a loyalty program. NewBook allows you to track a guest’s number of stays and spend amounts using a guest’s membership number so you set up a range of tiers, offer incentives and discounts to show your guests you value them. If you offer a paid program, you can run reports to show whose membership is about to expire.

NewBook Broadcast

Incentivise your staff and increase productivity by displaying leader boards around your office with NewBook’s live Broadcast. You can display a wide range of statistics and reports, such as number of leads converted, your Net Promoter Score and Staff attendance.

Check-In Tablets & Paperless Check-In

Save your business time and money with an eco-friendly paperless check-in solution. With NewBook’s cutting edge Guest Pre-Registration Module, guests can update their details and sign registration forms electronically using a tablet or mobile phone. You can make these forms your own by customising the branding and information.

Guest Equipment

You can add important information about your guests which is useful for their stay, such as caravan or boat dimensions. This is useful for repeat guests so you don’t have to ask them the same questions each time they stay.

Facility Hire

Let NewBook help you get the most out of your facilities. Keeping your facilities well maintained and listing all the relevant information will allow you to maximise bookings and increase your earning potential.

Organise your Facilities

  • Conference Rooms
  • Facilities
  • Categorise Inventory
  • Hire Costs
  • Availability
  • Maintenance

Recording important information about your facilities, such as features, hire costs and location will enable your staff to upsell these optional extras.

You’ll also be able to quickly monitor availability and keep track of your inventory. Scheduling regular maintenance and servicing will ensure your facilities are always at the highest possible standard, prevent unnecessary outages and improve your inventory life cycle.

Interactive Booking Map

NewBook makes it easy for your guests to visualise your property’s accommodation. By displaying images and descriptions for each of your sites, your guests are able to make an informed decision when they make a booking with you. It’s handy to know whether a site has power and how far away the amenities are and you can provide as little or as much detail as you like. You can also print a map for your guests so you can show them where they need to go.


Looking for help organising transport to and from your property? NewBook Charters gives you everything you need to effectively manage your guests’ transportation needs.

Arranging boats, buses and flights is easy. Simply choose whether your guest needs a one-way or return ticket and the charter booking is conveniently attached to your guests’ reservations so you can easily track charges and take payments.

NewBook’s Charter Report is great for managing charters entering and leaving your property and helps you with staff rostering as you’ll know when your guests are arriving and departing.

Charters at a Glance

  • Attach Charters to Guest Reservations
  • Charter Reports
  • Efficiently Manage Arrivals & Departures
  • Manage Boat, Bus & Flight Bookings


Take away the hassle of printing, signing and sending documents with NewBook’s e-Signature tool. You can create a wide range of custom documents, such as project agreements, insurance documents or corporate rates.

e-Signature for CRM

  • Contracts
  • Documents
  • Notifications
  • Email, Send and View
  • Centralised Document Storage

Save your business time and money by sending documents your clients can electronically sign.

You can send and store a wide range of custom documents, such as contracts and approval forms and store them in a central place in NewBook so you can easily find them when you need to. NewBook will let you know once a document has been signed, so you don’t need to spend unnecessary time checking the system for updates.

You can easily create and email documents for your long stay guests, such as annual rental agreements and insurance documents.

It’s easy to create and send your documents; simply choose your template and email it to your guest. Once a document has been signed, NewBook will send you an email, making it easy to keep track of progress. You’ll find all of your signed documents in one central place in NewBook in case you need them for future reference.

e-Signature for PMS

  • Annual Agreements
  • Insurance Documents
  • Email, Send and View
  • Centralised Document Storage

Meter Readings

Meter reading is so important for some businesses and with NewBook, you can create and manage metering tariffs, such as water, gas and electricity. Set different prices for your pensioners or annual guests and instantly charge accounts once you’ve input the readings on your mobile phone or tablet.

Multi-Currency Support

Provide your international guests with up to date currency information when they book online. Guests are charged in local currency which keeps your revenue reporting simple, while the home currency conversion can be placed on invoices and receipts so guests can easily balance their records.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are a great option to have available for purchase – whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas present, or simply just to say thank you. They also provide another revenue stream for your business.

At A Glance

  • Customise Your Design
  • Personalise Your Message
  • Redeem Online

With NewBook, you can sell Gift Vouchers online through your website as well as offline by your staff.

Customising the design of your voucher can help increase your brand awareness as people will recognise your colours and logos. Gift Vouchers can easily be redeemed by booking online or speaking to one of your friendly staff. When you purchase a Gift Voucher you can choose where it’s emailed so you don’t ruin the surprise!

Google Analytics

Do you know where your business is coming from? Google Analytics is great for measuring website traffic, social media activity, SEO and ad revenue. By tracking and analysing your clients and guests’ online movements you can work out where your strengths and weaknesses are and where the majority of your business is coming from. NewBook’s integration with Google Analytics allows you to track the number of clients or guests visiting your website without having to log in to your Google Analytics account.

Membership Programs

Manage guests’ contact details with NewBook’s Membership Programs. Entering a guest’s Big 4, Top 10, Top Parks or Family Parks membership number will allow you to retrieve contact details and past reservations, saving you time and increasing the accuracy of your records. You can even update Top 10 and Big 4 membership information from inside NewBook.

Dynamic Tariffs

Dynamic tariffs are a great way to respond to market conditions and maximise revenue. Simply set your minimum and maximum prices and let NewBook take care of the rest.

Dynamic Tariffs

  • Maximise Revenue
  • Respond to Market Conditions
  • Automatic Rate Updates
You can choose whether you offer dynamic tariffs all year round, or just in low seasons, when you need to lower your pricing. Setting minimum stays in peak periods will ensure you maintain a high occupancy rate, enabling you to make the most of your earning potential.

NewBook Online Sales

Countdown timers are a great way to create urgency and drive new business. NewBook Online Sales makes it easy to create promotional opportunities that you can use during low seasons and special occasions. If you have a last minute sale idea, you can act on it while it’s still fresh in your mind and have it up on your website in minutes!

Promo Codes & Discounts

You can create tariff specials using unique promo codes and discounts to increase bookings in low seasons or fill the last remaining room categories for the week. Sending marketing campaigns is a great way of getting your promo codes out to the market and increasing interest in your property. You have the flexibility to create tariffs with discount triggers or promo codes with hidden pricing, meaning your campaigns can be as creative as you like.

Event Management

Provide seamless event services to your clients with NewBook’s Event Management tool. You’ll have everything you need to efficiently manage any kind of activity or event; no matter the occasion.
Whether you organise small or large events, NewBook gives you the freedom to create tailored event packages to make sure any event runs smoothly. Adding in guests, food and beverage packages, event activities and run sheets, along with assigning tasks with automatic notifications will make sure your staff complete required tasks before your guests arrive. You can take as many event payments as you like; financial information will display in your event so it’s easy to keep track of outstanding balances.

Events Made Easy

  • Manage Availability & Payments
  • Food & Beverage Packages
  • Activities
  • Guest Management
  • Run Sheets
  • Internal Communication


You can create as many tills as you need to help you keep track of your money. Entering the till float into NewBook instead of manually writing figures makes it easier to monitor your cash and keeps your staff accountable.

Global Search

You can find anything in NewBook using Global Search, which is great if you’ve forgotten where to find something! Results will be displayed by category so you are able to see where you can find the information next time.

Special Dates

You can record special dates inside NewBook to help staff remember public holidays and important events. Look for a star on the booking calendar to see when something special is happening. Recording school holidays and dates that fall over peak periods allows you to restrict bookings over certain dates so you can yield a higher revenue.

Cancellation Insurance

NewBook can offer you the option to automatically sell your guests affordable cancellation insurance to cover their stay, protecting your revenue and providing peace of mind for your guests.

Benefits To Your Business

  • Reduce Lost Revenue
  • Reduce Stress
  • Receive Commission

Reduce the number of stressful phone calls from guests demanding refunds and the inconvenience and loss of revenue.

If a guest cancels their booking due to an insured event, they will speak directly with Chubb Insurance and make a claim to be reimbursed for non-refundable accommodation costs. This means your business keeps the revenue and you will also have the opportunity to resell the room/cabin/site and generate further revenue. You will also receive AUD $1.00 incl GST commission per insurance policy sold which could add up to thousands of dollars per year, without even lifting a finger!

All insurance queries and claims are handled by Insurance Advisernet and Chubb Insurance directly so there’s no need for any input by your staff.

When making a booking online, your guests will be asked if they'd like to protect their booking for a small fee. For manual and third party bookings, your guests will receive an email asking if they'd like to purchase cancellation insurance.

* Please note, staff at your property are not able to sell insurance directly.

How It Works

  • Online Bookings
  • Manual & Third Party Bookings
  • Automated Prompt or Email

Template Management

You can create a wide range of templates in NewBook instead of manually entering the same information each time you need it. Email templates, vouchers, invoices and tasks are just a few kinds of templates you can customise and save. Keep your designs simple or create full html templates with your brand’s colours and images; the choice is yours.

Create a wide range of templates

  • Email templates
  • Tasks
  • Images
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Notes
  • Invoices & Receipts

Templates are fully customisable to suit your business and are designed to speed up or automate daily tasks and improve accuracy. Once set up, NewBook will automatically fill in the correct details, such as name, contact details, booking or job details.

Save time by creating templates you can use over and over. You can create professional designs for gift vouchers which guests and clients will be proud to receive. Streamlining your invoices and emails will give you confidence that details are always correct, reducing the amount of time you’ll spend on administration.


Make it easy for your staff to remember what they need to do when taking bookings or preparing rooms by creating checklists. For example, you can provide a checklist to your housekeeping staff with the list of items they need to replenish or clean and mark as complete before they can release a room.

Lost Property

You can easily keep track of Lost Property in NewBook. Record what item was lost or found, what it looks like, who found it and whether it has been claimed or not.


You can change NewBook’s naming conventions so the terminology you use aligns with your industry. For example, a site can be renamed to a room or a berth. You can even change a whole category, such as Charters to match the type of charter you offer. If you can’t remember what you changed the name to, you can still search for the default name and the feature will display.

Custom Fields

Increase the amount of information you store about your clients and guests in NewBook by creating custom fields. This is helpful if you’d like to record serial numbers, ABN details or other miscellaneous information in a personal or company profile.

Create Custom Fields in NewBook

  • Lead Information
  • Guest Information
  • Quotes
  • Contact Templates
  • Signable Documents

You can create custom fields almost anywhere in NewBook if you need to add extra information about your clients or guests.

You can create custom fields almost anywhere in NewBook if you need to add extra information about your clients or guests.

Audit Log

NewBook features an in-built audit log which allows management level staff to track all changes made in the system. Details such as the change, date of change and staff member involved are all logged so you have peace of mind that you can access this information if you need to.

Staff Shifts & Induction

Managing staff is a big job and involves a lot of organisation. In order to have a productive team you need to ensure you’re providing your staff with all the tools and resources they need to succeed. NewBook helps you keep your staff organised with minimal effort.

Effective Rostering

  • Add Staff
  • Create Shifts
  • Department Reporting
  • Easily Swap Shifts

Rostering staff isn’t easy as there are often many changes due to turnover and external commitments. NewBook’s Staff Shifts makes it easy to add and assign shifts.

You can even make drag and drop changes to the Shifts Chart to switch shifts between your staff! It’s easy to keep track of how many hours each role requires; you can see a breakdown of rostered hours by role and staff member which is great for estimating wages and forecasting future requirements.

Induction is a really important part of any business as it teaches staff about your company, values and procedures. If your staff receive an organised welcome to your business they’ll have a great first impression and will be able to quickly and effectively learn their role.

With NewBook’s Training and Testing tool, you can create as many induction tests as you like, which helps your staff learn about all aspects of your business. Staff can sit tests relevant to their department, such as reception, account manager or housekeeping and you can use the reports to see test scores, who has completed tests and you can even leave comments on tests that staff can review.

Staff Induction

  • Induction Tests
  • Induction Feedback
  • Teach Values & Procedures
  • Test Feedback


Keep an eye on how your business is tracking by creating goals. You can set targets for many different areas of your business, such as the amount of revenue each GL Account receives, net promoter score, number of bookings placed and occupancy. Once you’ve activated your goals they’ll appear on the Front Desk so you can easily see how you’re tracking.

Users, Profiles & Privileges

You can set up as many NewBook users as you like so each staff member has their own, unique login. Users can customise their dashboard to really make it their own; they can save frequently used modules as favourites and can even change the colour of NewBook! We recommend logins aren’t shared amongst teams so you can check the Audit Log if you’re unsure who has made changes in the system. You have full control over which modules users can access, meaning you can restrict access to those who actually need it.


NewBook has a range of training and support packages so you can choose the best options for your timeline and budget. You can either set up and customise your account or NewBook’s specialist in-house team can do it all for you. To ensure you have all the knowledge to make the most of NewBook and its extensive features, it’s recommended that you have some training before you go live. This will also ensure you have the best possible on-boarding experience. Looking to switch from a different PMS or CRM provider? NewBook seamlessly migrates your data, making it easy to begin your NewBook journey without losing your past. Learn more


All of NewBook’s trainers are industry experts and have a hospitality and tourism background. They are fully qualified to help you on your NewBook journey, whether you’re just starting out or you’re wanting to learn about the latest features. No query is too big or small; the whole team is ready to assist. You can choose whether a NewBook trainer comes to your business or whether you’d prefer remote training, using TeamViewer.

You’ll be provided with a demo account so you can practice using tools and new features without the risk of making undesired changes in your live account. You’ll have this demo account forever which is very handy for training new team members.


NewBook offers a wide range of support packages, giving you the flexibility to choose what suits you best. Any time you submit a support request or call the support line, you’ll be looked after by NewBook experts who are developing the system and training clients every day. Sometimes it’s easier to show you what to do rather than just explain things, so you might be asked to download TeamViewer so the support team can use remote access to assist you. This is a great way for you to learn what to do if the issue occurs again in future. There’s also the Knowledge Base, a library with over 500 self-help guides but if you’d prefer to talk to a friendly training or support team member, they’re just a short phone call away and are ready to help with all of your questions.

Property Maps

Sometimes it’s hard to remember where all of your rooms or sites are located. Using the property map, you and your staff can visualise where rooms and sites are positioned, making it easier to help guests and groups with their booking enquiries. You can also print a map for your guests so you can show them where they need to go.

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