A Complete Guide to Campground Management Software

Written by Brad Illich on August 18th, 2020

When it comes to business ambitions, it’s safe to say that most holiday park and campground operators share similar objectives; increase bookings, boost revenue, and make the camping experience a whole lot better for their guests!

While the path to getting there might be different for each provider, campground technology is a predictably common factor that will come into play for all. So, what does campground tech involve, exactly? Well… let’s take a look!

What is Campground Management Software?

Campground Management Software is a term that embodies all the tools of the campground trade used to operate an RV park or campground business effectively. These include a Campground Management System or Property Management System (PMS), Booking Engine, Channel Manager, and more. In this blog, we’ll explore the basics of campground tech and the ways in which it can help you and your team.

Property Management Software (PMS Software)

Optimising your guest experience is more important than ever, but this can only be addressed once your campground operations are running without a glitch – this is where a user-friendly Property Management Platform can come to the rescue, and any campground not using one is at a significant disadvantage.

Save time with a cloud-based system
Cloud-based technology is regularly updated, easy to use and available on any device, anywhere, anytime. Using cloud Property Management Software will improve your team’s productivity tenfold thanks to its unmatched ability to save time and allow for harmonious staff collaboration. Not to mention, cloud-based technology delivers the highest-quality product at an affordable price because of its shared nature.

Gather valuable guest data
A cloud Property Management System can provide campground and RV park managers with a wealth of personal data and customer insight that they can use to better target their guests and deliver more personalised marketing, communication, and customer service. Not only will this help to increase occupancy rates and retain guests, but eliminating the need for manual data collection will also lead to hours saved for your in-house team (that means more profit for you!).

Manage tasks
NewBook allows users to set tasks and reminders for staff, ensuring that maintenance and housekeeping jobs are done in a timely and organised manner. But improving efficiency and staff productivity can also have a domino effect within other areas your business. Less time spent on admin tasks that your cloud-based Property Management Software can automate for you, means more time to focus on other areas of your campground that require a little TLC.

Automate your communications
Great cloud-based Property Management Software will make marketing easy for the novices among us. NewBook’s platform allows campground operators to easily create targeted marketing campaigns using data stored within the cloud-based system and conduct detailed reports without spending hours on manual methods. From email campaigns and automated SMS contact, to tailored customer surveys, the ability for campground and RV park owners to nurture their leads and boost their revenue opportunities is a resource that often proves the difference between successful campground businesses and those who are getting left behind.

Booking Engine System

Save on commissions
Taking direct bookings from your website will help increase your revenue by avoiding pesky commission fees. When distributing your sites through an Online Travel Agent (OTA), like Airbnb, you will naturally incur a commission fee for each booking made. While it may not seem like much at the time, these small fees can add up to big money and decrease profit won from each campsite booked if OTA’s are the only way you are selling online.

Improve your guest experience
Employing a secure Booking Engine, integrated with your software for property management, will allow you to tailor your guests’ booking experience to the nth degree and could very well encourage return customers to your campground. Because your booking system will be on your own website, you can be sure to provide every piece of information your guests need and display it in a user-friendly format that is aesthetically aligned with the rest of your branding. Features like interactive booking maps and add-ons are all marks of winning Web Booking Engines, guaranteed to boost customer satisfaction.

Channel Management Tools

While commission fees are not ideal, Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) are an essential tool for increasing occupancy rates.

Expand your online exposure

Distribution Channel Management Software can help connect you to the right OTA’s and provide you with maximum visibility. As more and more travellers flock to popular OTA’s, like Booking.com or Airbnb, distributing your sites through these channels will naturally showcase your business to countless more customers than your website alone and give you the best chance of being found, subsequently increasing your bookings.

Eliminate over-booking

An Online Channel Manager, synced with your online booking system, will automatically provide real-time updates for things like rates and availability, practically eliminating the chance for overbooking and saving your staff time that would otherwise be spent on manually entering this data. 

Self-Service Technology

The expectations of travellers only continue to rise. With that comes a greater focus on personalised experiences. The good news is that industry-changing innovations are rapidly being developed to meet consumer demands.

Add Mobile Functionality

Guest apps are on the rise as travellers become more reliant on their devices. Providing your guests with the ability to manage their reservations, book activities, and gain access to maps and property information from their phones will help to better their overall experience. Not only does the added level of convenience make things easier for them, but the immediate access to information also means fewer enquiries for your staff, reduced workloads, and more revenue!

Install Guest Self-Service Hardware and Software

Check-in kiosks are an innovation that will deliver your guests the most seamless stay possible, again and again. They help to eliminate long queues, provide instant access to information, and allow guests to check-in/out whenever they like without having to visit the front desk, mitigating common areas of friction in the customer journey.

Provide a Contactless Check-In Processes

Most holiday parks and campgrounds still rely on manual methods of managing their check-in process at the front desk, but things like key safes and Cloud Access Control Keypads are alleviating the need for that initial port of call. Guests can conveniently retrieve their keys from intelligent, cloud-based key safes and gain property access using automated key codes – no need to collect physical keys at reception, and no need for waiting, queuing, or even interacting.

Implement Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots are becoming the norm and are proving especially useful for time-poor accommodation businesses. Their ability to respond immediately means improved productivity for your team, and a better experience for your customers.

Campground technology is only getting better and better. It can improve almost every facet of your business and make running your campground a walk in the park. But, with new technologies being developed more frequently, it can be easy for your competitors to gain an advantage if you aren’t quick to adopt these new ways of doing things. There’s no time like the present!

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