Let us take the stress out of security.

At NewBook, it’s our mission to deliver a system that you can depend on - rain, hail, or shine. We implement regular upgrades, perform daily backups, and uphold bank-level security standards to ensure your data remains secure and is accessible to you when you need it.

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We’re serious about security.

NewBook uses firewall-protected services to shield your business from potential threats and block unauthorised users from accessing your system. We employ the highest level of PCI DSS compliance, keeping your customers’ financial information secure and your business safe. Plus, our industry-standard SSL encryption will securely transmit your data, giving you confidence when sending information to third parties.
24/7 Monitoring
Our team monitors our servers 24/7 to keep on top of any unusual activity.
Ethical Hacking
Ethical Hacking is performed to guarantee we’re maintaining the highest level of security.
Access Control
Control who can access your NewBook subscription and the type of information they can see based on their role or responsibilities.

World-class reliability.

We host over 140 powerful servers at our two purpose-built data centres, with separate testing and development servers so your systems won’t be interrupted during system updates. Data is backed up every three hours, on and off site, so it’s always secure and available when you need it.
Solar Panels
To offset electrical costs and reduce greenhouse emissions.
Commercial-Grade Chillers
To keep things cool and prevent servers from overheating.
180KVA Generators
To provide backup power in the case of an outage and keep your system running, no matter what!

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Security FAQ

Do I need to install any hardware or software?

No. NewBook is a cloud-based platform. That means you can access the system anywhere, any time without any on-site hardware or software requirements – all you need is an internet connection!

Are third-party integrations safe to use?

Yes. NewBook uses secure file transfer protocols to ensure your data remains protected from threats when transferring files or information between systems.

How does NewBook ensure I can always access my data?

NewBook runs several backups per day to make sure your data is always available.

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