Meet your new Central Reservation System.

Handle all your property bookings with next-level efficiency. Our Central Reservation System (CRS) is designed to help large-scale accommodation providers consolidate and manage reservations across multiple properties… all from a single website!

  • Centralise your booking process
  • Streamline operations
  • Increase your exposure

Centralise your booking process.

With our CRS, you can integrate your entire booking process and eliminate the need to operate a separate Booking Engine for each of your property locations. Our industry-leading software draws on the latest technology to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance guest experiences, with a proven track record in increasing bookings and reducing operating costs for multi-property owners.

Make it your own.

Use our Central Reservation System together with your PMS of choice and customise the branding with your own colours, photos, and logo.

Let us make your
life easier!

Our world-class Central Booking System employs all the valuable features of our coveted All-In-One Booking Engine and more, to help you increase exposure for each of your locations and streamline your business operations.

Mobile Responsiveness

Whether it’s on a mobile, tablet, or computer, our CRS will work smoothly. Its fully-responsive design looks great and works like a dream, no matter what kind of device your guests choose to book through.

Interactive Booking Maps

By displaying images and descriptions for each of your rooms or sites on your online property map, your guests can visualise your property and make informed decisions when booking with you.

No Dead Ends

With our flexible booking options, NewBook will automatically offer the choice to shorten stays, choose from different accommodation types, or book similar dates when a guest’s preferences aren’t available!

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