Cancellation Insurance

NewBook gives you the option to automatically sell your guests affordable Cancellation Insurance to cover their stay, protecting your revenue and providing peace of mind for your customers. If they then need to cancel, the insurance company provides the refund and you keep the money in your pocket! You will also receive AUD $1.00 incl GST commission per insurance policy sold which could add up to thousands of dollars per year, without even lifting a finger!

How it works:

Bookings made on your website:

1. Your guests have the option to either protect their booking for a small fee
2. Or, take the risk of not protecting their booking

Phone and OTA Bookings:

1. An email will automatically be sent to the guest offering Cancellation Insurance (to be purchased within 48 hours)
2. Guests simply follow the link in the email to purchase the Cancellation Insurance with a Credit Card. Policies are charged at 6% of the total stay cost plus $5.50 administration fee.

*All insurance queries and claims are handled by Insurance Advisernet and Chubb Insurance directly so there’s no need for any input by your staff. Please note, staff at your property are not able to sell insurance directly.

Benefits To Your Business

  • Reduce Lost Revenue
  • Reduce Stress
  • Receive Commission
  • How It Works

  • Online Bookings
  • Manual & Third Party Bookings
  • Automated Prompt or Email
  • See NewBook in action!

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