Solitary Islands Marine Park Resort

Family-owned and operated Solitary Islands Marine Park Resort was once a simple little park with paper booking sheets, no mobile/internet reception, 5 acres of reclaimed swamp land and 150km away from the nearest traffic light. Fast forward 26 years and you wouldn’t recognise it! With the vision to create a destination where families could immerse themselves in the untamed beauty of Wooli and have a bucketload of fun, the team embarked on a mighty mission to grow their business and grow it fast!

Three years ago, Solitary Islands Marine Park Resort owner Jan O’Neill sought out new management to help reach her goals and her son and partner, Dylan and Casey, rose to the challenge and added some extra goals of their own! Together they have totally transformed the resort, which now boasts a unique range of facilities and activities to fulfil their vision of creating unforgettable memories for all who visit.

Realising the huge task at hand, “things got cray cray real fast”. With an enormous growth target, the GEN Ys focused on expanding their offerings, building a high performing team and most importantly, embracing technology and increasing their online presence. Insert NewBook – goodbye paper, hello efficiency!

NewBook’s PMS, direct booking engine, in-built channel manager & dynamic pricing tools have helped Dylan and Casey not only meet, but exceed their targets, with a 210% increase in direct online bookings in two years!

Their efforts in all areas of their business have attracted an abundance of new travellers with: 49% increase in occupancy, 25% increase in earned revenue and 42% increase gross revenue in just two years!

Eager to capitalise on the latest tools our platform has to offer, Solitary Islands Marine Park Resort added NEW.B.I.E, our artificial intelligence chatbot onto their website and they’re using our GuestAssist app too! This technology allows guests to self-manage their stay and access useful information on demand, instead of having to call the resort with questions. NEW.B.I.E has already contributed to their drastic increase in online bookings in such a short space of time.

After successfully increasing their online exposure to attract new visitors, Solitary Islands Marine Park Resort turned to focus on their resort and how they could take their guests’ experiences up a level. They have added to and enhanced their facilities, including a brand-new splash park and their infamous Wooli Wedgie (120-metre waterslide), refurbished their pool area and developed their EPIC FUN program, which features Vegas-style after dark pool parties, trivia nights, sumo-wrestler ninja warrior courses and loads more!

The team at Solitary Islands Marine Park Resort have completely transformed their park, revolutionised their guest experiences and are aiming to keep their beloved guests wanting more, with even more great facilities in the works for travellers of all ages.

If you want to learn more about the NewBook features that Solitary Islands Marine Park Resort have used to to enhance their guest experiences and increase revenue, chat to our team on 1300 744 458 or [email protected].

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