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Spot2Nite is an innovative mobile app that allows RV travelers to discover the best RV spots in real-time. The platform drives campers to campgrounds, meaning increased reservations for your property.  NewBook has a direct connection with the world’s leading Online Travel Managers (OTA’s) and Channel Managers, so that you can maximize your exposure online and reach more potential guests.

Why list with Spot2Nite? 

Spot2Nite connects avid RV’ers to your RV Park or Campground!

Zero cost to list your campground*

Directly integrated with NewBook, meaning you can easily manage your reservations from one place.

Increased booking revenue & overall exposure for your campground.

You’ll gain direct access to family RV travelers and RV industry partners.

How to connect to Spot2Nite


You can easily connect Spot2Nite to your NewBook account to start driving more guests to your park! This connection will allow bookings, availability and rates to automatically sync. Take a look at the simple steps to get connected.

Simple steps to connect

  • Search for 3rd Party Booking Channels & select the 3rd Party Booking Channels feature.
  • Search for and locate Spot2Nite and click to activate.
  • Configure by Travel Agent or Booking Source.
  • Set your default booking status & email booking notifications.
  • Advise if you’d like to set minimum stay durations.
  • To enable connection, click Enabled(2-Way).

View the full instructions or reach out to our team for assistance on getting connected.

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About NewBook

NewBook is an award-winning property management system for accommodation providers.  Intuitively designed to streamline your operations, boost revenue and increase your bookings, you can manage your entire business with confidence from the one central platform.

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