Lead Management

Efficient Lead Management results in higher conversation rates and more revenue for your business. NewBook CRM automates Lead assignment and follow up so you can focus on quoting and securing new business, rather than spending time on manual administration tasks.

Understanding where your leads are coming from will give your business greater success as you’ll be able to enhance or change your sales strategy to focus on your most successful channels.

Organize Your Leads

  • Automated Lead Assignment
  • View Your Pipeline
  • Document/Contract Signing

You can easily see an overview of your potential business and revenue so you can work out whether to pursue some new opportunities or maintain your existing pool of leads.

NewBook gives you the control to manage leads however you like. You can maximize your teams’ skill sets by assigning leads based on a staff member’s location or position, or choose to use the round-robin method to keep the number of leads even.

You can score each lead so your staff can prioritize their work and dedicate their time to the best leads. 

NewBook allows you to create a range of automated follow ups, such as creating tasks, sending emails and notifications so your staff can easily manage their leads in a timely manner and focus on what matters most.

Maintain Your Leads

  • Score Your Leads
  • Automated Follow Up
  • Task Management


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