Marketing & Automation

Marketing & Automation

Even if your product or service is perfect and you think everyone should buy it, no one will know about it if you don’t tell them. Having a marketing plan is important so you can set goals, plan and test various different initiatives.

NewBook’s marketing tools provide you with everything you need to create, send and analyse marketing campaigns and initiatives. Comparing your campaigns’ performance allows you understand what your customers like to receive so you can tailor your content, special offers and increase your chances of conversion.

Slack Integration

Work on-the-go with NewBook and Slack. Slack is an online platform that connects people and apps, allowing you to work smarter and improve communication in your team. You can receive Slack notifications on your mobile phone, tablet and even your smart watch, meaning you no longer have to stay at your desk to be productive.

Marketing Campaigns

NewBook’s in-built marketing system allows you to create and send targeted email and SMS campaigns. With numerous email templates to choose from and your contact lists already in NewBook, you’ll be sending creative and influential sales and marketing content in no time. You can use some of NewBook’s tools to give you insights into what your clients are interested in. Surveys and Google Analytics data are sure to help you come up with some great marketing campaign ideas.

Gather Great Ideas

  • Google Analytics
  • Previous Marketing Campaign Statistics
  • Popular Specials
  • Surveys

You can use some of NewBook’s tools to give you insights into what your clients are interested in. Surveys and Google Analytics data are sure to help you come up with some great marketing campaign ideas.

NewBook’s marketing campaign module is quick and easy to use; you can create and send a campaign in just 5 minutes! You can create beautiful emails by customizing the templates – changing the branding and adding images will really make them your own.

Google Analytics

Do you know where your business is coming from? Google Analytics is great for measuring website traffic, social media activity, SEO and ad revenue. By tracking and analyzing your clients and guests’ online movements you can work out where your strengths and weaknesses are and where the majority of your business is coming from. NewBook’s integration with Google Analytics allows you to track the number of clients or guests visiting your website without having to log in to your Google Analytics account.


Surveys at a Glance

  • Automated Surveys
  • Automated Replies
  • Overall Score
  • Internal Notifications
  • Detailed Reports

Surveys are a great way to gather information about your business so you can celebrate strengths and find out which areas you might need to improve on.

NewBook has a built-in feature where you can customise and send automated surveys to your clients once a job is complete. Set up automated replies based on their overall rating and show them that you appreciate their feedback. Use the reports to view high-level statistics or drill down into specific information when you need to.

Email Marketing

Marketing Campaigns

  • Newsletters
  • Company Updates
  • Promotions

NewBook provides a powerful and unique email marketing solution which allows you to set up and send a campaign in just 5 minutes! With easy to use templates you can create beautiful emails – change the branding and add images to really make them your own.

Email marketing is great for increasing your brand awareness so your business is front of mind when your customers need your services next. Create a marketing campaign and target customers with different promotions and useful information to help increase repeat business.

Automated Contact

NewBook’s powerful email solution enables you to send a wide range of correspondence, from quotes to confirmation and cancellation emails. Best of all, you can store all communication in one place to easily keep track of SMS and emails.

Send a Wide Range of Correspondence

  • Quotes
  • Confirmation Emails
  • Cancellation Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Promotions

You can create and send a wide range of correspondence in order to keep your guests and clients informed.

For the budding designer, you can create your own templates to give your emails your brand’s look and feel. Or, if you prefer, use a template that NewBook provides.


Take away the hassle of printing, signing and sending documents with NewBook’s e-Signature tool. You can create a wide range of custom documents, such as project agreements, insurance documents or corporate rates.

e-Signature for CRM

  • Contracts
  • Documents
  • Notifications
  • Email, Send and View
  • Centralized Document Storage

Save your business time and money by sending documents your clients can electronically sign.

You can send and store a wide range of custom documents, such as contracts and approval forms and store them in a central place in NewBook so you can easily find them when you need to. NewBook will let you know once a document has been signed, so you don’t need to spend unnecessary time checking the system for updates.

You can easily create and email documents for your long stay guests, such as annual rental agreements and insurance documents.

It’s easy to create and send your documents; simply choose your template and email it to your guest. Once a document has been signed, NewBook will send you an email, making it easy to keep track of progress. You’ll find all of your signed documents in one central place in NewBook in case you need them for future reference.

e-Signature for PMS

  • Annual Agreements
  • Insurance Documents
  • Email, Send and View
  • Centralized Document Storage

Check-In Tablets & Paperless Check-In

Save your business time and money with an eco-friendly paperless check-in solution. With NewBook’s cutting edge Guest Pre-Registration Module, guests can update their details and sign registration forms electronically using a tablet or mobile phone. You can make these forms your own by customizing the branding and information.

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