Vic Parks 2016 Annual Conference

May 10th, 2017 | Written by: Gemma Todd-McVinish

The Technical Innovation Award (sponsored by NewBook) was awarded to Park Lane Holiday Parks – Current NewBook Clients. The 2016 VicParks Annual Conference has now been and gone with only the bar bills remaining as a distant memory of a vibrant conference. Once again members from across the state – 240 of them – came together to listen, learn and debate the key issues facing the caravan park industry.  A large trade show of 51 exhibitors added an extra 120 extra people to the crowd attending across the 3 days. Members were challenged to Shake it Up (with apologies to Taylah Swift) as a range of speakers gave insights into the anticipated growth of the tourism industry generally, and the caravan park accommodation sector specifically, across the next few years.  Speakers suggested that this growth will be matched by increasing consumer expectations for free wifi, children’s activities, equipment, and general park amenities.

20th September 2016 – 4:35pm

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