Utility, Task & Facility Management

Utility, Task & Facility Management

Task Management

NewBook can automate administration tasks and schedule jobs to help your business run more efficiently. Automatic alerts, reminders and triggers will make sure you and your staff never forget when a task is due. You can quickly assess and change task allocation using the Task Chart to adjust job priorities and manage changes in staff.

Asset Management

NewBook’s Asset Registration tool makes it easy to organise and maintain your assets and inventory. Understanding how your assets are used and maintained can improve efficiency and save you time and money in the long run.

Record Important Information

  • Serial Numbers
  • Model Types
  • Tag Numbers
  • Service and Repair Dates
  • Location

Recording important information about your assets makes it easier to maintain and take care of your inventory as you’ll never miss a service.

NewBook offers you the flexibility to choose how you would like to categorise your assets – keeping electronics in one category makes it easy to keep track of your inventory. It also helps you to compare performance and lifespan of items, such as air-conditioning units. Being able to attach files to your assets means your receipts will be there when you need them.

Facility Hire

Let NewBook help you get the most out of your facilities. Keeping your facilities well maintained and listing all the relevant information will allow you to maximise bookings and increase your earning potential.

Organise your Facilities

  • Conference Rooms
  • Facilities
  • Categorise Inventory
  • Hire Costs
  • Availability
  • Maintenance

Recording important information about your facilities, such as features, hire costs and location will enable your staff to upsell these optional extras.

You’ll also be able to quickly monitor availability and keep track of your inventory. Scheduling regular maintenance and servicing will ensure your facilities are always at the highest possible standard, prevent unnecessary outages and improve your inventory life cycle.

Meter Readings

Meter reading is so important for some businesses and with NewBook, you can create and manage metering tariffs, such as water, gas and electricity. Set different prices for your pensioners or annual guests and instantly charge accounts once you’ve input the readings on your mobile phone or tablet.

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