What is a Channel Manager?

Looking for a way to enhance your brand exposure and expand your sales avenues with little effort required? A Channel Manager is the solution you need.

What is a Channel Manager?

If you’re in the hospitality industry, chances are that you’ve heard this term thrown around a whole lot. But what is a Channel Manager?

A Channel Manager is a tourism industry must-have that can help boost your visibility online. Channel Management Software works by connecting you to leading Online Travel Agents (OTA) in order to increase your booking possibilities. The best bit is that Channel Managers can improve your online reach overnight, meaning that investing in this kind of software is an almost instantaneous way to increase your business prospects.

The Benefits of a Channel Manager

1. Minimise admin and save time

Overseeing multiple booking channels can be a complicated and time-consuming process. With a Channel Manager, you can oversee your listings from one central account. Information on availability, rates, and accommodation types will all be automatically allocated and updated in real-time across each of your distribution channels. Instead of managing your online listings separately, cross-checking, and manually inputting data, an Online Channel Manager will practically do all the work for you. By minimising the amount of time dedicated to manual entry tasks, you’ll be able to cut down on your operating costs exponentially.

2. Increase your occupancy rates

For an accommodation provider, occupancy relates directly to revenue – the more rooms or sites you can fill, the better. Distribution Channel Management Software can provide you with the chance to sell your inventory through a large range of channels, meaning that your potential guests will have the option to book through a provider they trust. By diversifying your sales avenues and allowing more platforms to sell your accommodation types online, you’ll gain the ability to fill those slots far quicker than you would through your Booking Engine alone.

3. Ensure accuracy

Because a Channel Manager eliminates manual entry and human error by automatically updating and syncing data, you can be certain that your guests will always be presented with accurate information whilst browsing through your rates and availability. This means that the chance of double or overbooking will be minimised. With fewer booking errors, you’ll save even more valuable time in the long term, and your team will be able to focus on more important tasks.

4. Boost direct bookings

A recent report found that 65% of consumers who booked accommodation directly visited an OTA prior to placing their reservation. Known as The Billboard Effect, this phenomenon refers to travellers browsing and shortlisting accommodation options through Online Travel Agencies, then booking directly through the website of their preferred option. Whether it’s to access more information on the property or for the incentives that may come with direct bookings, this trend is something to be considered as direct bookings don’t cost commissions.

5. Reach more potential guests

Channel Management Software can help you connect with global audiences and tap into hard-to-reach markets. Rather than relying solely on your website for bookings from overseas tourists, an Online Channel Manager can easily showcase your property to travellers all around the world. When you sync with or other Online Travel Agencies, they can even help translate your listing into many other languages, meaning your online reach won’t be limited to those from your home country alone.

When used in conjunction with your Online Booking Engine, a Channel Manager can be an opportunity-opening tool for your business.

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